St Charles Lwanga School Boarding Master Narrates Cyclone Idai Terror

Charles Magureyi, a boarding master at Charles Lwanga Seminary and Secondary School narrated the ordeal of Cyclone Idai in an interview with The Standard. The school lost 2 pupils and a member of staff.

“It was terrible. I had just done my routine check to make sure that the boys were safe in the dormitories. At around 9.45pm, I heard a loud bang, like a dynamite, at the Form 1 dormitory and I rushed to check.

There was rubble and the boys were screaming. I realised that two of the boys were buried in the mud and that it was already too late to rescue them.

With the help of Father Abraham Nemaisa, we evacuated the other boys to safety. We then returned to retrieve the trapped ones. We managed to retrieve one that night.

The security guard would always be at the gate, but on this day there were heavy winds. We have gumtrees near the gate and some time back one of the trees fell.

So the security guard had taken shelter from the heavy winds in the kitchen. Unfortunately, he was buried in the mud. We could not locate him.

But the dog at the school kept on milling and shifting around a mound of mud. We later discovered blood flowing from the mud and that is when we dug up his body.

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