Vimbai Zimuto, Bev & Zodwa Wabantu Will Burn In Hell- Talent Madungwe

Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries Prophet Talent Madungwe says the likes of singer Vimbai Zimuto and raunchy dancers, Bev and Zodwa Wabantu are agents of the kingdom of darkness and will burn in hell.

In an interview, the self-proclaimed deputy of the heaven army said he does not see these three women entering the kingdom of heaven unless they repent. Said Madungwe:

These women (Vimbai, Bev and Zodwa) are agents of the kingdom of darkness. Their mission is to promote prostitution, adultery, destroy marriages and lead men astray. They have a place prepared for them in hell. I saw them being denied entry into the heavenly gates by the heavenly army because of their bad deeds and they’ll be immediately sent to hell.


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Talent MadungweVimbai ZimutoZodwa Wabantu

Talent Madungwe is a Zimbabwean religious leader who founded Exile Desire of All Nations Ministries. He has claimed to have visited heaven and had meetings with God. Read More About Talent Madungwe

Vimbai Vee Kay Zimuto is a Zimbabwean singer, dancer, actress or African traditional and modern dance choreographer based in Netherlands. Zimuto made headlines in April 2018 for a music video considered too liberal for the song Hapana Kwaunoenda. In March 2019 Vimbai posted pictures of... Read More About Vimbai Zimuto

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African socialite and dancer. She burst into the spotlight for her dance moves like Vosho‚ her skimpy outfits and openly admitting to not wearing underwear. Read More About Zodwa Wabantu

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  1. tonderayi Reply

    It is very interesting to find that in this 21st century of information technology, we still have people being lied to about heaven and hell, as if they have no access to information to find out what that is supposed to mean. There is nobody who ever goes to heaven because there is no heaven where people would go on the first place neither is there a hell in heaven where people will burn as they are intimidated.
    I think its time people free themselves from this fear of heaven and hell because both do not exist, unless we are talking of hell as a place of the dead, cemetery as we call it yes, in that case every body will die and be buried at some place called cemetery {Hell}.
    I do not support those ladies identified in this article above, but I don’t think there is any human being who has the authority to condemn them especially thos guys masquareding as Pastors, they are simply removing responsibility from the society making it appear as if there is a heaven some where which is not true. Words which are used to instil fear like Satan, devil, hell etc do not mean what the church teaches, the words are not english and if you have the courage to find a concordance and translate those words from hebrew to english, you will have the last laugh of life, you will not go to church again. So for those ladies, please do not lose sleep from those intimidations even those Pastors there is no heaven for them to go, they will all be buried at some cemetary, like King David was.
    Acts 2:29 New International Version (NIV)
    29 “Fellow Israelites, I can tell you confidently that the patriarch David died and was buried, and his tomb is here to this day.

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