Police Looking To Arrest Edmund Kudzayi

Journalist and media entrepreneur, Edmund Kudzayi, said today that Zimbabwe Republic Police came looking for him at his home in Harare to arrest him.

He said the allegations stated – “beating someone up in a bar” – are false.

Said Kudzayi:

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Three police officers from Rhodesvile police station have visited my parents’ home searching for me on allegations that I beat up someone in a bar. This is obviously not true. Lawyers working to establish specific details as to what the police want from me on a Saturday morning.

Last month, Kudzayi was arrested on allegations of being in possession of a camouflage umbrella.

In 2014 Kudzayi was arrested and imprisoned briefly after being suspected of being Baba Jukwa, the internet pseudonym used then by someone who leaked sensitive Zanu-PF information between 2011 and 2013.


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