Mnangagwa Warns Non-Performing Parastatals

President Mnangagwa has warned parastatals that continue to under-perform despite Government support.

Mnangagwa said days of perennial poor performances and failure to complete projects they would have started are over. Mnangagwa said this in Beitbridge on Wednesday when he commissioned the National Backbone Fibre Link, which connects Zimbabwe with the rest of the world through South Africa. Said Mnangagwa:

I commend TelOne for the prudent manner they utilised the financial resources for this Government initiated and guaranteed project. I urge all public entities to take a leaf from this good example and instil a culture of good stewardship, hard honest work, accountability and transparency in the implementation of national projects. The days of incomplete projects and non-payment of loans are over.

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TelOne is one of the several Telecoms companies operating in the Zimbabwean telecommunications and technology industry. Its main core business revolves around voice, data and internet products and services. "TelOne owns a wide range of telecommunications equipment, varying from various exchanges located in strategic areas,... Read More About TelOne

Beitbridge is a Town located in Matabeleland South Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Beitbridge

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