Delta Explains Price Increase On Soft Drinks And Beer

Delta Corporation, has outlined reasons behind the recently effected price increase on assorted  soft drinks and beer.

Amongst the reasons Delta is citing operational costs as well as foreign currency shortages for inputs. In January the firm was forced to sell in local currency following a Government intervention. Delta Beverages corporate affairs executive Patricia Murambinda said:

On February 14, the company increased price of 350ml pints from $1 to a recommended retail price of $1,50 while 750ml moved to $4 or morefrom $2. The company continues to review its wholesale prices to take into account the value chain costs. Most of the local production materials and services have increased substantially in the recent months. These include a barley price top up to align with the gazetted wheat price and hardship allowances paid to employees. It is apparent that local suppliers have factored in the prevailing foreign currency premiums into their pricing. As indicated before, our businesses are experiencing disruptions arising from the shortages of foreign currency for imported raw materials and services.We are, however, currently running at full capacity on lager beer and Chibuku, while the soft drink plants are on shutdown due to an outage of concentrates.

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