WATCH: Enzo Ishall Hits Back At The Herald

Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Ishall has hit back at The Herald for suggesting that Chillspot Records is swindling him of his earnings.

The Herald report claimed that its sources revealed that Enzo is struggling financially. The report said:

When he is booked for a show or gets any endorsements, Enzo Ishall’s money is split between himself and Chillspot executives Fantan, Levels and DJ Ribbe.

He (Enzo Ishall) feels like he owes the stable for his rise since they nurtured his career and invested in his music. The artiste can’t leave because as you know Chillspot is vibrant in dancehall and he is afraid to lose that.

Watch the video below:

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Enzo IshallZimdancehall

Enzo Ishall is the stage name of Zimbabwean musician and Zimdancehall artist Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere. Enzo Ishall is popular for his hit songs "Kanjiva" and "Handirare Kuden Kwenyu." The songs were produced by Mbare based record label Chill Spot Records. Read More About Enzo Ishall

Zimdancehall, is a Zimbabwean music genre with roots in the Jamaican tradition of reggae. The genre is known for its hard-hitting lyrics which often encompass social commentary on issues like poverty, unemployment and drug abuse. Read More About Zimdancehall

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