FULL TEXT: MDC Activist Exonerates Mwonzora Of Tribalism

An MDC activist has distanced part secretary general Douglas Mwonzora from allegations of tribalism and regionalism. Writing on social media platform, Facebook, Paul K. Saungweme said:

MWONZORA HAS NEVER BETRAYED THE STRUGGLE. He is a Victim of Tribal Wars. “Chinu Ndeche Makaranga Ichi” Mantra

There is a deliberate attempt by certain social media surrogates to tarnish Douglas Mwonzora’s name and link it to Zanu PF. It will not work. Some tribalists in the MDCA have even gone to the extent of designing a picture on social media pretending it’s for Doug campaigns. The question is by who and where. And who was seen wearing that T-shirt?

Douglas has never told anyone he is competing for the Presidency not even us his lovers and supporters. People think that by spreading falsehoods on social media they will get popularity. I challenge any leader who says Mwonzora this and that to say it here.

The private meetings by some MDCA members called “Chinhu Ndeche Makaranga Ichi” are simply meant to tarnish Douglas so that 2 guys from Masvingo get to win the post of SG. The truth is Murisi, Hwende and your team you want Douglas out and you think Douglas is a pushover. We are honestly going to link those behind such dirty to Zanu too

DOUGLAS will never be used by Zanu and real MDCA people know the truth. We are trying hard to make sure we all rally behind President Nelson Chamisa tiri united but kana zvakuitwa this way on social media then Handeyi tione. Manicaland produced more votes for Chamisa than any other province outside Harare but it’s not appreciated takuona makaranga azara pa social media kutuka Douglas Mwonzora our most popular and senior candidate in the alliance. So far imi makaranga you occupy 3/4 of positions in the party but you have the guts to pretend to believe what Zanu says. Imi Makaranga you failed to deliver Midlands and Masvingo to Nero. But munotuka Douglas semuri kutuka imbwa. Hamunyare ma tribalist asinganyare

Why is it that Zanu PF is always believed to be telling the truth when they say something about Douglas Mwonzora. Why is it that when Zanu says something about other leaders is false. Since when did MDCA supporters started believing Zanu. Some youth in our party even go to the extent of saying our intelligence has said. Does MDCA have any intelligent department? Stop being used

Those who leave in glass houses must not throw stones. We will next week tell you who are the real people who wine and dine with Zanu in our party. After all, those who are peddling lies on social media are not helping the party you are destroying the party. If you think that you can destroy Douglas easily imi ma tribalists forget. Manicaland has seen it. We now want Mashonaland east, west and central and parts of Matabeleland to see those peddling MDCA hate and divide posts on social media vanobva kupi look careful at their surnames kana muchiziva ma surnames echikaranga Yesterday I followed those posts all their surnames tell you it’s tribalism at work.

The fall of Douglas is a fall for MDCA too. It only makes sense to encourage Douglas to work together with Nelson. I dare anyone to come forward and tell us how Douglas is linked to Zanu. Tikuudzeyi the real Zanu people in our party

I don’t know what you guys on social media use to measure Mwonzora’s intelligence, leadership capabilities or weaknesses. What I know is Mwonzora is underrated by some of you MDC people but DOUGLAS (SG) is dangerously intelligent, stable/stern in his thinking, very mature and he knows dirty politics too. One doesn’t always have to be brutalized to be a leader.

Karangas should be fair and start working on an MDCA than is balanced and that has honest people.

We are watching we will tell our own version of those we know are linked to Zanu too.
Tribalism is dangerous to the MDCA and it must not be supported.

To those in Matabeleland join us in refusing this tribal war that is being peddled by Karangas in the MDCA. MDCA cannot be run the Zanu way of “Chinhu Ndeche Makaranga Slogan”.

Tribal politics in ZANU has resulted in massive economic and social cost, which is manifested in rampant corruption, growing poverty, the breakdown in law and order, a rise in impunity, poor governance, and the erosion of public confidence in politics, democracy and politicians.
And in MDCA is starting to show before we even get into power, MDCA leadership must be mindful of this. There is a dangerous motion in Zanu and MDC A that thinks that Ndebeles are deputies in politics and Samanyikas are to be used and dumped like condoms. No to tribalism
In conclusion, I challenge anyone saying that the attack on Douglas is not tribal tizvitaure zvibude pachena. I challenge those who claim do not work with Zanu tivafumure .
To the youth on social Media vhurayi maziso. Focus on real issues. Evil will never prevail.
Douglas Mwonzora and his supporters are no pushover guys. In fact, we control quite a number of structures too in MDCA. Our partners ZCTU respect him too very much. Congress should not be a tool to divide MDCA rather we should come out of Congress united.

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