WATCH: Tendai Biti Analyses 2019 Monetary Policy Statement

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  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    The score on nation building is quite involving and touches many in various ways, nevertheless on a matter of principle it is always fashionable to focus and guarantee that instruments and institutions serve the people ultimately and should not be conduits of oppressing masses. The major question as it stands, even as many circles in Zimbabwe today question the historical significance of the Liberation struggle, who did it liberate and from what or from who? as they languish in great development setbacks and economic doldrums..the question equally stands on the RBZ statement which still has to be prooved right ..”Who does this RBZ Policy statement serve ultimately…is Zimbabwe as a nation or the Zimbabwean as a citizen going to be positively transformed, with good employment, happy life; busineess prospects; predictable future for children,,, what does it add up to ultimately.”

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