Mliswa Ejected Out Parliament After Defying Speaker

Norton MP Temba Mliswa was on Wednesday ejected out of Parliament by the Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi.

Mliswa caused a scene in Parliament when he labelled Nduna a murderer after their harsh exchange the previous day. Nduna had earlier threatened Mliswa with death, claiming that he had, in fact, killed a countless number of people.

Mliswa demanded that Parliament should deal with the ‘murderer’. He charged:

The parliament of Zimbabwe is a sacred institution; the parliament of Zimbabwe cannot have murderers in it.

We’re talking about an issue which is a concern to me and my family in terms of life. You’ve not been threatened, I’ve been threatened with being killed by Honourable Nduna and I’m worried looking at him.

This is not a joke, we cannot take it as a joke. We come here to represent people, not to be threatened. This is an issue you must take very seriously because it has a lot to do with the democracy of the people of Zimbabwe.


Tsitsi Gezi

Tsitsi Gezi is a Zimbabwean politician and wife to the late Border Gezi. Tsitsi is also the deputy speaker of parliament (2018-2023).She is a member of the Zanu-PF party. Read More About Tsitsi Gezi

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