Teachers Have A Deal With Govt Outside The Apex Council – Majongwe

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe has castigated The Herald for what he calls its tendency to “marinate” stories. Majongwe’s sentiments followed the PTUZ and the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Union’s (ZIMTA) decision to call off a trike that had been ongoing for a week.

Majongwe also said that the unions have a deal with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education which is outside the Apex Council, the union that represents all civil servants. He also hailed the newly-found togetherness between PTUZ and ZIMTA. Said Majongwe:

The Herald always marinates its stories. Truth is teachers will start work tomorrow. The government conceded there was a strike. We will now Dialogue as a Sector outside the Apex Council. We live to fight another day. Teachers’ lives were are risk out there. We never sold out.

… We have a deal with MOPSE, the PSC and the Ministry of Finance that there will be an urgent meeting this week to handle our issues as the education sector. Like all compromises, it leaves extremists on both sides dissatisfied. But as a Union, we are happy with the progress.

As the PTUZ, we maintain that the struggle has not been sold, nor has it been compromised. History will absolve us of any blame. Read our lips: the teaching profession will emerge from this stronger.

We are also happy with our newfound unity with ZIMTA. Our ideological unity is for keeps. Our disagreements belong in the past. The ideological unity of these two unions signifies the unity of teachers. Our opponent is cunning and cannot be fought by divided teachers.

If reports that the Public Service Commission intends to harass our members with half-baked charges, we can assure them that we will meet them halfway. Reneging on a deal won’t be tolerated now and in the future. We have a duty to protect our members by any means necessary.


Public Service CommissionRaymond Majongwe

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is an arm of the Executive, created in terms of Section 202 of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Section 203 provides for the functions of the Commission including the appointment of qualified and competent persons to hold posts... Read More About Public Service Commission

Raymond Majongwe is the Secretary-General of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ). Read More About Raymond Majongwe

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