ZNA Army Dismisses Reports That Its Armouries Were Raided By Protestors

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has denied reports that a senior army officer claimed that its armouries were raided by protestors during the January riots.

Earlier this week, Inspector-General, Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) issued a statement in which he made reference to army uniforms being stolen:

We have been flashing out rogue elements and we have a challenge that some of them ran away with our uniforms. Some of the uniforms are stolen on washing lines, which other people use to perpetrate criminal activities.

In a statement issued on Friday, the ZNA categorically denied reports that it lost its arms to protestors. The statement said:

At no point during the press conference did the Major-General make reference to ZDF armouries being run over or raided by civilians.

Major-General Nyikayaramba made no reference to army establishments, worst of all armouries, being run over. This discourse will suit accurately in the narrative of those Zimbabweans who are bent on creating despondency and insecurity in the country.

During the unrests in the country that occurred from January 14 to 16, the protesters targeted police stations and members of that force on whom they vented their anger. This resulted in the ZRP calling for assistance from the ZDF to quell the rowdy elements in the streets.

It has been reported countless times that the protesters attacked and killed a police officer at ZRP Southlea Park in Harare. She was eventually stripped naked in broad daylight.

Similarly, these protesters also overran several ZRP establishments, in the process, raiding and burning down sensitive points of that organisation. These included armouries and records offices in Chitungwiza, Southlea Park and Dombotombo in Marondera.

These are the places and occurrences that Major-General Nyikayaramba made reference to. One would struggle to ascertain where and when the same press conference made reference to the army and ZDF armouries being raided.


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Marondera formally Marandellas is located some 67 km from Harare and is the capital of Mashonaland East Province. The city is surrounded by commercial farms where the residents go for seasonal employment. As of 2013, the town has a popuation of an estimated 46 000.... Read More About Marondera

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