A Disappointingly Unstructured Discussion: Daniel Shumba Gives Feedback On Mnangagwa Meeting

Daniel Shumba, one of the presidential candidates invited to the State House meeting by President Mnangagwa said the meeting meant to discuss a framework for dialogue and interaction was a disappointingly unstructured discussion.

Shumba who is the leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) said the meeting was made of Mnangagwa’s cheerleaders. He said only him, Nkosana Moyo and Noah Manyika raised relevant issues. Speaking on Twitter, Shumba said he has no confidence in the process. Said Shumba:

A disappointingly unstructured discussion. No agenda nor outline of the meeting. Moderator was out of his depth. Never seen so many cheerleaders. N. Moyo, N. Manyika, and myself spoke to the issues well. I have no confidence in the process.

A porous process without an underwriter or milestones can not form the basis of a serious National Dialogue. I witnessed amazing and preposterous proposals from some seemingly compromised principals. Am curious to see the draft framework agreement.

I put across very pointed issues of constitutionalism and the rule of law and was candid regarding the repeal of unconstitutional statutes in particular the Reconstruction Act. Rape, imprisonment, and the various violations of human rights were some of the issues I raised.


Daniel ShumbaUnited Democratic AllianceNkosana Moyo

Daniel Shumba is a Zimbabwean politician and businessman who rose to fame during the Second Chimurenga era under Zimbabwe African National Union Liberation Army ZANLA wing of the Zimbabwe African National Union party. He was expelled from parliament in terms of Section 129 (1) (k)... Read More About Daniel Shumba

"" United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is a political party formed by former Zanu-PF and United People's Party former member and president Daniel Shumba Read More About United Democratic Alliance

Dr. Nkosana Moyo, PhD (Physics), is a politician, an economist and former Zimbabwe Minister of Ministry of Industry and International Trade. He is known mostly for his sudden resignation from his Ministerial post in 2001, when he left to join his family in South Africa... Read More About Nkosana Moyo

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  1. Hurukuro Reply

    It a beginning….just like a person running in a race they never participated in before ….you are not likely to be among the top finishers but with training and consistency …..you will improve and get to serve a good result…..

    Chief….Tapota pindai mundima to work and serve and not assume an outcome without effort…!!

    Success is not only about how I want to see things done but what I do to get to the desired result and outcome…

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