Walter Magaya Found Guilty Of Selling HIV ‘Cure’ Illegally. To Be Sentenced Later Today

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Walter Magaya has been convicted for contravening the Medicines Control Act after advertising his Aguma medicine, which he claimed could cure HIV and AIDS. Sentencing has been set for 2:15 pm on Tuesday, 5 February.

Magaya was arrested late last year after he advertised his Indian-made herb purporting that it could treat HIV had AIDS. Magaya’s conviction was revealed by Information Ministry Ndavaningi Mangwana who wrote on social media:


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14 comments on “Walter Magaya Found Guilty Of Selling HIV ‘Cure’ Illegally. To Be Sentenced Later Today

  1. you keep on using words like ‘claiming…which by now is just noise to our ears ..from November Gvnt said they were testing the medicine but all we got was the 1st results …we’re are then the other results …..if that’s not enough you just happen to drag sm1 to courts ,what are people supposed to think ……

  2. HIV and AIDS is an African Problem which needs an African solution ,so why are you people failing to give an African inventor like Prophet Magaya to help us in overcoming the deadly disease which has wiped away many African people ,imagine with the rate of HIV and AIDS in Africa ,if the affected people get the chance to consume the drug can’t u see many lives would have been saved? Myself I appreciate The work done by Prophet Magaya. God bless you papa

  3. You can try ,whatever you want but this doesnot nullify the fact that Aguma is a cure.After the clinical testing ,what were the results ,you know the results.The Aguma even passed the computerised stage where most medicals failed.All tht e church was crying is just a chance only.The God of Prophet W Magaya never sleeps ,he continue to do his works.and he is faithful to him

  4. Hauling for trial your own talent, a Man of God your nation is graced with, (Iam sure Zimbabwe remains a curse) who is making an effort to make a Breakthrough in the Medical Field/ the Pharmaceuticals that will bring a fundamental turnaround of the National Economy and Image of Zimbabwe. You look and see how our dispensation lack advise …always grounded in trivialities…… instead of getting an international audience to make trials and see what advances could be made with the Man of God heading that committee, you find all that worthless…..aha we need to protect Zimbabweans….are you sure you have protected Zimbabweans… since 1980 how many Zimbabweans have been betrayed by the revolution and if going by true justice how many of the revolutionaries could be behind bars at the moment. Surely even if I were a novice on the judicial bench, (unless otherwise) I would sooner be advising the Government of Zimbabwe to engage more Committees on AGUMA Pharmacies composed on nationals and internationals, than sitting to pass a faulty sentence, for a manufactured offence and sentence equally. Equally just verify, there are a lot of speculants around this discovery both locals and internationals who are erroneously operating using the Founders name which is quite offensive.

  5. I think Zimbabwe is making a terrible mistake of persecuting it’s own just because they have found something to uplift this nation. Reality check Zimbabwe needs innovators like the Prophet who bring in things that can change its economy. We need to jump into the producer mentality whilst adding value to every tiny bit of thing we get our hands on. As long as we don’t address this our economy will ever remain on stale mate as it is

  6. Zimbabwean government is disgrace, how can you do this to someone who is trying to change your country. You busy trying to call investors, how can they come when you are treating your own people like this. You are supposed to protect your such people who has the capacity to change the country. Pride is the greatest obstacle in our country.
    Magaya is a very good man.

  7. Facts are facts, Aguma works, I don’t wre is guilty. Why do you block him. Zimbabwe Government is full of evil people. Let Magaya distribute the Cure we need it.

  8. Why not Give Magaya a chance aftr all he is doing something good.We all need this cure and ts the break through we need

  9. Is that an offence? Or I think these people don’t want the virus to go away, so they could continue to get grants from different agencies of the world. Anyone coming out with a genuine cure for the virus would be treated like a joke. This is all about money

  10. manje hameno. nanga nevanhu vakavanda vakatombo claim kuti vane mushonga ve HIV vamwe vakatengesa zvima yam. vakaiswa kumacourt here. ….. its your time man of God. my prophet our prophet PWM

  11. The people of Zimbabwe need to protect prophet Magaya. You all should call your local government officials and those people who have been cured from using this herb needs to speak up and prove that they have been healed. it’s a lot that you all can do. Don’t just sit back and watch this man go to jail because he issued herbal medicine illegally. They still have not said that the medicine doesn’t work.

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