Govt To Tighten Laws In Bid To Prevent Another National Shutdown – Report

A Daily News report claims that the government is fearful of another national shutdown as it plans to tighten the country’s repressive laws. This is meant to preempt another national shut down.

Last month’s week-long stay away degenerated into riots and looting, and more than a dozen people were killed and hundreds seriously injured. The Daily News claims to have government documents in its possession which reveal the plan:

Police deployments remain on the ground in order to reassure the citizens of their security. This is particularly so, given the fact that the MDC and other local merchants of regime change are planning to carry out further protests under the so-called National Shutdown II.

It is pertinent to note that efforts are underway to align Posa with the 2013 Constitution. In addition, the government is also alive to the constitutional rights of the citizenry, including the right to protest, as enshrined under section 59 of the Constitution.

The above notwithstanding, the rights can be constitutionally derogated from a citizen on the basis of Article 86 of the Constitution which provides for limitations on rights and freedom for the public good.


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One Comment on “Govt To Tighten Laws In Bid To Prevent Another National Shutdown – Report

  1. Actually, it is not about tightening the law but making Zimbabwe a prosperous and peaceful home to all black, white, yellow even green in a truly democratic atmosphere and a robust competitive industry. By nature Zimbabweans are peaceful, very Godly but are grossly taken for granted by a visibly power hungry community emerging from the Zimbabwe revolutionary lager.

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