Picture: Celebrity Madam Boss Apologises For Dressing ‘Inappropriately’

Zimbabwean comedy celebrity, Madam boss, apologised to her fans for apparently dressing inappropriately at the recent Star FM Music Awards. She was dressed in a black jumpsuit.

Real name, Tyra Chikocho, Madam Boss got mixed reactions on an Instagram photo that she posted. Some of her followers thought the jumpsuit was inappropriate.

Following the negative feedback, she apologised later:

My dear Fans.
Firstly I would like to apologize for my dressing at the STAR FM AWARDS.
As you know I travel a lot,so mukufamba tinoona zvakasiyana siyana and I really thought this jumpsuit was going to be a show stopper to my fans but overally YOU MY FANS you didn’t accept it that well.

I do what I do for you,so it is with great deepest apologies from the bottom of my heart and I repeat AGAIN I AM SORRY.

I am going to go back to those long dresses because they where more elegant than the jumpsuit.

Ndiri munhu wenyama ndombotadzawo,and I hope you accept my apology.

I love you all and God Bless.

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3 comments on “Picture: Celebrity Madam Boss Apologises For Dressing ‘Inappropriately’

  1. Surely beneficiation is more on the down side…you look and ask so what does my daughter, sister, mother, aunt and grandmother think silently……there is victory for who and what next…flushy renegades.

  2. Madam boss if u really value yr body this was not to be worn in the first place made mazamu aripanze respect yourself u can be famous without exposing your body next time please be a good role model to young girls , to your daughter and to all the model. Don’t let man think that we are loose and low. Otherwise keep working hard I love the Dudzai side of u well done.

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