There Is A Difference Between Expressing Disgruntlement And Taking The Law Into Your Hands – George Charamba

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba said that Zimbabweans should know that there is a difference between a demonstration and violence. He said this while speaking to Capitalk 100.4 FM Radio station on Wednesday. Said Charamba:

(When) citizens challenge the authority of State, take law into their own hands, causing mayhem and destruction in the country and even going as far as attacking police stations — which are symbols of the administration — it means you are literally challenging, wrestling weapons of war, from serving members of the police (and) army.

It is clear you are no longer dealing with a sheer expression of disgruntlement. You are dealing with a potential threat to law and order and stability in the country.

Yes, the Constitution does give us certain basic liberties; certain rights which we must enjoy and enjoy to the fullest . . . That is a democratic principle, but here is the news for you guys: there is a difference between expressing disgruntlement and taking the law into your hands.

Charamba’s remarks come after violent demonstrations which were triggered a fuel price hike resulted in the death of at least 12 people. More than a thousand people were subsequently arrested, with 36 children were nabbed for looting in Harare and Chitungwiza alone.

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George Charamba

George Charamba is the Press Secretary in the Office of the President of Zimbabwe. He is therefore there official spokesperson of the president. He has been in this position since 2000 when he was appointed by President Robert Mugabe Charamba has been a columnist in... Read More About George Charamba

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2 comments on “There Is A Difference Between Expressing Disgruntlement And Taking The Law Into Your Hands – George Charamba

  1. Don’t spend most of your time Sir narrating useless things.You keep on repeating things because you have nothing to tell the nation,forgetting that Zimbabwens are forward moving people.You won’t be expelled from your work.

  2. ED this man is the worst speaker and I wonder why you are keeping him. He is just not good for that position. Replace him with intelligent people. He is spoiling everything around you president. ED it’s high time you surround yourself with younger intelligent people. Not your current speaker. He is a shame

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