Linda Masarira In Hiding In South Africa After Allegedly Receiving Death Threats For “Exposing” MDC Alliance’s Plot To Make Zimbabwe Ungovernable

ZBC News reports that MDC-T spokesperson Linda Masarira is in hiding in South Africa after recieving threats from MDC Alliance for exposing their plan to allegedly topple the Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration.

In an audio recording played on the 8 o’clock news bulletin, Masarira is heard talking to Crisis Coalition In Zimbabwe leader Rashid Mahiya who according to ZBC News is allegedly restraining the MDC-T spokesperson from divulging the secret details related to the training of a terror gang to unleash violence in the name of advancing Nelson Chamisa’s agenda to make Zimbabwe ungovernable. Listen to the report by ZBC News courtesy of Larry Moyo:



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12 comments on “Linda Masarira In Hiding In South Africa After Allegedly Receiving Death Threats For “Exposing” MDC Alliance’s Plot To Make Zimbabwe Ungovernable

  1. Worst State Machinery Creation – motive is clear. I draw a straight line on the sand linking this conspiracy to that of Tsvangirai Treason case. This time around, all machinery is well oiled for operation destroy MDC.

    Linda is in hiding from MDC Alliance (worst joke after brutality). If she defends women she should wear black in solidarity with the rape victims rather.

    The discussion, if real, says nothing new. It is the same accusation and threats Linda put through at the Monthlante Commission. The enemy, unfortunately, is the will of the people. Zimbabweans are fed-up. They can act with or without MDC Alliance

    Surely, if Linda is holding on to Terrorist training evidence since pre-election and has not handed this over to the police – then – its marijuana farming, ngaandosakura mbanje dzake akanyarara. Some people are hyenas in sheep skin. Zpf by night and MDC T by day.
    Surely history will judge them

  2. The idea is to have Chamisa arrested. Period. This is not a new story
    It happened during Tsvangirai time and they fingered Botswana but no evidence was found. Linda is a sell out big time.

  3. Kkkkkk Linda ndewe Zanu pf inonzi MDC T khupe we all know that kkkkk what breaking news can 1 expect from ZBC and Linda Collaboration kkkkkk.

  4. It is an open secret that the people of Zimbabwe have been betrayed by Zanu Pf and need a real change in government, anybody for that matter. We can not carry on with Zanu Pf. They have become just a worse oppressor than the Smith regime. When people go to the polls, they do so because they want change and not for the sake of it. We thought they wanted that when they waged the war of liberation but alas, it has proved to have been a selfish move. If there are people who are out there training to cause the country to be ungovernable, its only for the good of the country to move forward though it does not call for training. The easiest thing is to stay at home and not engage in any violence whatsoever.

    Zanu Pf should have done the most honourable thing long back, admit failure and stepped down despite being voted into power. Patriotism is not being selfish, but about vigorously supporting one’s country and being prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors who in this case are Zanu Pf. The country belongs to everyone who lives in it, Zanu Pf or other parties. It is no secret that elections have been stolen, not once but many times. Vote rigging started when people were forced to support Zanu Pf in a well calculated move up to the judiciary system.

  5. Hahaha to think that someone will believe this nonsense is a big dream. Kudos for the pathetic spin doctor. #amateurishlies#

  6. Linda Musarira haunyari. MDC alliance will never waste time chasing after you. You are a Zanu Pf project bend on tarnishing MDC alliance image. God will punish you severely. MDC alliance will never touch a useless person like you. You are just wasting your time running away from your shadow like a mad woman. You need serious psychiatric attention.

  7. Sounds very absurd and treacherous..where exactly is she coming from and going to on this earth? Will she ever be relevant honestly to Zimbabwe or she is part of the political circus, and political merchants which together have proved costly to Zimbabweans and the progressive peaceloving regional community.

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