How To Check Current USD Exchange Rate Against RTGS, Bond Notes

As the currency crisis in Zimbabwe continues, it has become important for people to get a sense of what the current rate of the US Dollar is to the Bond Notes, RTGS (Transfer, EcoCash etc…)

A number of websites and services provide this information daily. Here are a few:

  • – a website providing the rates including the Old Mutual Implied Rate (OMIR), USD/RTGS, USD/BOND, RTGS/ZAR and Offshore/USD
  • – Was initially just a Twitter account, updating followers with the market summaries of the day.
  • – a website that provides rate daily (sometimes the website goes down so try that one above if this one is not available)
  • +263 71 922 0415 – a WhatsApp chatbot to which you can send the word “RATE” and it’ll respond with the rate.
Bond NotesOld Mutual Implied Rate

Bond Notes are a currency of notes backed by a bond that the Zimbabwe government announced on 4 May 2016 by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya. The $2 denomination of the notes was finally introduced on 28 November 2016. More notes were... Read More About Bond Notes

Old Mutual Implied Rate OMIR is a comparison of Share prices for Old Mutual in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom where the share is simultaneously listed. The OMIR is used as a proxy to compute the implied exchange rates for the 3 countries. Read More About Old Mutual Implied Rate


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