Teachers Should Be Paid Salaries Commensurate With The Obtaining Prices – Zimta President

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) president Richard Gundani said that teachers are incapacitated so much that they cannot report for duty.

Gundani said this while addressing the media yesterday after his union met with the acting Minister for Public Service and Social Welfare. Said Gundani:

We showed how incapacitated teachers and the civil servants are as a result of the spike in prices and the erosion of the salaries and justified why teachers are not able to go to work. There is unanimous agreement by all workers who were in attendance that salaries have to be reviewed.

The government responded by directing that the process of negotiation, which had collapsed, should begin in order to find solutions to the problems. The meeting ended with workers insisting that incapacitation was an urgent matter that would only stop after teachers are paid salaries commensurate with the obtaining prices.

Zimta’s declaration of incapacitation stands until a solution is found. However, we appreciate the dialogue with government at ministerial level and the frankness that characterised (yesterday’s) engagement.


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