Muzorewa Tells Govt To Pay Civil Servants In US Dollars For ‘Vision 2030’ To Be Achievable

President of the opposition United African National Council (UANC) Gwinyai Muzorewa has called on the government to pay civil servants in US dollars. He said that this is the only way through which President Mnangagwa’s 2030 Vision can be achieved.

The cleric-cum-politician said that the 2% tax should be scrapped as it worsens the plight of the poor. Muzorewa had this to say:

The teachers, nurses and doctors are the lifelines of our nation. Their minimum salaries must not be less than $500 in genuine US dollars if they are to put food on the table and live just above the poverty datum line. The President’s target of creating a middle-class economy by 2030, will only happen if the nation’s professionals receive equitable salaries.

Currently, the Minister of Finance [Mthuli Ncube] is having to collect tax [2%] even from unemployed people, out of desperation. The government should pay all civil servants handsome salaries, then tax the middle-class, and not tax people who are below the poverty datum line.

It is unethical to tax the poor, who are sending EcoCash to other poor people so that they may both survive. The ruling party must first provide a favourable economic environment.

As the biggest employer in Zimbabwe, the government ought to pay all civil servants equitable salaries and in US dollars, because the private sector is now demanding payment in US dollars. I hope that the private sector is paying their taxes in US dollars, not the bond notes.

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2 comments on “Muzorewa Tells Govt To Pay Civil Servants In US Dollars For ‘Vision 2030’ To Be Achievable

  1. Why don’t Zimbabwe adopt Rand currency as usd will still be very hard for people to get. The other thing, zimbabwe doesnt know how to use usd as they dont understand the value of usd. For instance, bread should be charged less than usd$1. Zimbabwe doesn’t value the usd the way USA value their own money. Things should be cheaper in Zimbabwe just like in America if you are to use usd. Because of that, adopt Rand and all the people of Zimbabwe will afford it. Carter for all, not just some people. You are devaluating usd by not using it in a right way.

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