Certain Service Stations Should Be Allowed To Sell Fuel In US Dollars- Shingi Munyeza

In an interview with Daily News, businessman and cleric Shingi Munyeza called on Government to allow some service stations to sell fuel in foreign currency.

He said allowing some service stations to charge in foreign currency will allow them to bring their own fuel and ease pressure on the central bank. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Q: You have called on government to sell fuel in United States dollars (USDs). Why do you think this is the best way to go given the current circumstances?

A: My proposal is that certain service stations be allowed to sell fuel in USDs. The same service stations must then be allowed to bring in their own fuel so as to ease the foreign currency allocation pressure by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Of course, there will still be need to control pricing both in USD and the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS). We all know that the USD and the bond/RTGS are not 1:1.

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