Mudzuri Set For Demotion As MDC Top Brass Meet In Harare Today – Report Claims

MDC vice-president Elias Mudzuri faces expulsion from the party today in a crunch meeting of the party’s top organs according to a Herald report.

The MDC national executive and national council are both meeting today. Reports indicate that Mudzuri’s fate will be sealed during the two crucial meetings.

MDC president Nelson Chamisa and his vice are said to be in a tussle over the control of the party. Chamisa had been at the helm of the party for less than a year, having taken over after the death of founding president Morgan Tsvangirai who died on Valentine’s Day this year.

An MDC insider who spoke to the Herald reportedly said

It is the end of the road for (Mr) Mudzuri. The president (Mr Chamisa) is going for broke and the process of eliminating his rivals has begun in earnest. (Mr) Mudzuri is the first target and (Mr) Mwonzora is likely to follow. Remember (Mr) Hwende threatened to kill (Mr) Mwonzora and it is becoming clear that the Chamisa camp is worried about the inroads that (Mr) Mwonzora has been making in the race for the party’s top job.

… This is not so much about (Mr) Mudzuri but (Mr) Mwonzora and those who are secretly canvassing for support at next year’s Congress. You should know that (Mr) Chamisa has never really considered (Mr) Mudzuri as a threat but (Mr) Mwonzora. So what we are seeing is (Mr) Chamisa firing warning shots at the likes of (Mr) Mwonzora.

… The issue of (Mr) Mudzuri is definitely coming up for discussion in our meeting tomorrow (today). We have a national executive and a national council meeting. Decisive action has to be taken. At least 220 districts have resolved that he be fired. They expressed a vote of no confidence in him. What is likely going to happen is that he will either be fired on the basis of a no-confidence vote or we will constitute a disciplinary tribunal.

MDC party spokesperson Jacob Mafume confirmed that indeed the meetings will be held today. He also hinted that the Mudzuri issue could come up for discussion. Said Mafume

Yes, there will be a national executive and national council meetings tomorrow (today). (They) will focus on the deteriorating economy. Those issues you are asking me about, there are processes that are provided for by the constitution. We are a big organisation and there will always be sentiments against leaders but at the end of the day as a party, we follow what the constitution provides.

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3 comments on “Mudzuri Set For Demotion As MDC Top Brass Meet In Harare Today – Report Claims

  1. Its only that Mudzuri is a threat to Chamisa`s party presidential post, the reason why he is facing many accusations so that they will get rid of him.

  2. This is another Zanu Pf in the making.Do we ever have any political hope as Zimbabweans?I call upon all Zimbabweans to get rid of both MDC and Zanu.Both parties show signs monsterism and hunger for power at any cost.The only solution is to support very brand new people, not the same old names in both Zanu and MDC.We are sick and tired of this.

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