Current Political Situation Not Conducive For Another GNU- Arthur Mutambara

In an interview with South African television station SABC News last week, during a review of his book, “The Path to Power — In Search for the Elusive Zimbabwe Dream” Arthur Mutambara said the current political situation are not conducive for another Government of National Unity (GNU).

Mutambara said unlike the time where he was Deputy Prime Minister as the ruling Zanu-PF shared power with the MDC factions, Zanu-PF has the majority in parliament. He also said South Africa, SADC and the AU have endorsed Mnangagwa as legitimate making it difficult. Said Mutambara:

Number one, the opposition is not challenging Parliament, ZANU- PF controls two thirds majority in Parliament. In our case, we the opposition controlled the majority and ZANU- PF were in the minority. Secondly, when we said Mugabe is illegitimate after the run-off we had the support of South Africa, SADC and the African Union. Unfortunately in this situation, where there is a challenge to the legitimacy by (President) Mnangagwa, the South Africans have endorsed Mnangagwa, SADC have endorsed Mnangagwa and the AU have endorsed Mnangagwa which makes it very difficult to operationalise the challenge to the legitimacy of Mnangagwa.

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Arthur MutambaraGovernment of National Unity

Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara is a Zimbabwean scientist and politician who started his activism during his college days. He became prominent in 2006 when he headed one of the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) factions. During the Government of National Unity 2009-2013 he was... Read More About Arthur Mutambara

The Government of National Unity was a coalition government between the three major political parties in Zimbabwe formed on 13 February 2009 after the signing of the Global Political Agreement. Read More About Government of National Unity


  1. Ponziano Reply

    GNU will favour Chamisa and other few MDC A as ZANU PF won two thirds of parliamentary seats which means most ministerial post will be awarded to ZANU PF.

  2. godfrey chikowore Reply

    GNU if ever it is to come as an option is meant only to bring socioeconomic cultural sanity, peace and mutual cooperation and reconciliation of Zimbabweans and of Zimbabwe and the world due to an understanding and wisdom of the political leaders, certainly it is not about numbers in parliament……..because either loosers or winners are mere references depending on who controlled the electoral process…and the outcomes the controller so desired.. so GNU goes far beyond the notion of majority or minority … ranks more in wisdom and need for progressive, people centred dispensation where outcomes threaten peace and progress.

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