Guruve Prison Inmates Bath In Dam After Water Pump Broke Down

A broken water pump at Guruve prison has resulted in over 250 people at the camp to rely on borehole water from a nearby school. The prisoners now have to bath in a dam. According to a Newsday report, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Commissioner General-General Paradzai Zimondi could neither confirm nor deny the issue. When asked for a comment on the reports, he retorted

Go to Guruve and see the events on the ground. I am not staying in Guruve either, so how can I know of things that are happening in Guruve?

One of the officers who declined to be named spoke to Newsday and said

We are in serious trouble due to lack of water. Our water pump blew up a month ago and we are suffering. In some instances, we skip our bath because it is very difficult to take a bath at a dam.

More: Newsday

GeneralParadzai Zimondi

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