Bulawayo Motorist Claims $16 000, ZAR85 000 From Bus Company For The Damage To His Car

A Bulawayo motorist whose car was damaged in an accident involving a Zebulon Express bus, Enos Cephas Buthelezi, has filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court, citing the driver of the bus Geoffrey Dlodlo as the first respondent and Zebulon Express bus company as the second respondent. Buthelezi alleges that on December 19, 2017, at 10:30 am, his car was rammed from behind by the Zebulon bus and resulted in the vehicle becoming a write-off. Part of the summons read

Plaintiff’s claim against defendants is for R85 000, being replacement costs of plaintiff’s vehicle which was damaged in a road traffic accident caused by first defendant’s negligence while in the course of his employment with the second defendant, $14 400 being loss of income due to the damage of plaintiff’s vehicle beyond repair, $1 000 is the value of goods damaged during the accident, $1 000 being expenses incurred by the plaintiff in towing the vehicle to Bulawayo and other ancillary expenses related thereto.

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  1. Chipo Ngara Reply

    What was the value of the car? If he was insured he can not double benefit.

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