Sanctions Must Be Removed Because Things Have Changed- Wutawunashe

Faith for the Nation Campaign leader Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe said sanctions against Zimbabwe must be removed because things have changed in the country.

Wutawunashe said this during the launch of the Zimbabwe Unity and Sanctions Relief Initiative (ZUSRI) which is a partnership with National Elders Forum headed by Rev Felix Mukonowengwe. ZUSRI is calling for the unconditional removal of the sanctions. Said Wutawunashe:

We cannot deny it, the atmosphere has changed. There is now freedom of speech and expression in this country, people can now openly talk and some actually scold the President. I have realised that this is all because of freedoms in this country. The atmosphere has changed, the playing field has changed, hence there is no need for inhumane methods like sanctions. The most direct and devastating effect of these sanctions has thus been catastrophic unemployment levels, poverty, extreme damage to health and other services and a general crippling economic stagnation all of which have burdened and oppressed the poor.

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  1. how can you say that if all opposition leaders who dont agree with the JUNTA ARE IN courts every day .which ground are you talking about

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