War Veterans Want Former Minister To Be Recalled From Parly, Allege That He Is Not For New Dispensation

War veterans and Zanu-PF electoral agents have called for former Mashonaland East resident minister David Musabayana to be recalled from Parliment. They allege that Musayabana is corrupt and that he is a G40 member who was working against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s efforts to get elected in the July 30 presidential election. In one of the petitions sent to the Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial headquarters, the war veterans said

Musabayana is a G40 (member)…He bottle-necked the regalia that he was given to the extent that some people were disheartened, if it were not of the constituency campaign team which battled to keep people calm. This showed us that he didn’t want the President to win the elections… Some of the regalia is stocked at his farm … We have much more negative speeches and actions which show that Musabayana is not for the new dispensation, but G40 orientation. He must go before he does more harm to the Hwedzareans.

Musabayana refuted the allegations saying,

Nobody has ever come to me with a complaint. I meet all my constituents every month, including war veterans and nobody has ever raised an issue. It’s being pushed by people who lost in the primary elections and still angered by their loss

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David Musabayana

David Musabayana is the former Minister of State for Mashonaland East. He is also a member of parliament for Wedza. He was elected Member of Parliament in the July 2018 elections Read More About David Musabayana

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