Zanu-PF Must Not Interfere With, Frustrate Local Authorities Otherwise The Common Man Suffers: Mudzuri

MDC Alliance politician Elias Mudzuri has called for tolerance between the ruling Zanu-PF party and the opposition if the country is to move forward. Mudzuri called for Zanu-PF to allow the opposition led local authorities to do their work without frustrating them. Speaking to NewsDay, Mudzuri said,

There is not much on working together or not because what has happened is that we are in control of the local authorities and the central government is under Zanu PF. We need to tolerate each other. We don’t need a repeat of what happened in the past where our leadership in local authorities was always under attack. There must be some form of co-operation and not for the ministers to be out to frustrate the local authorities just to get loopholes to suspend.

The bottom line is to make sure that the ordinary person on the street benefits, a common man is not a politician and doesn’t deserve all that.

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