Noone Can Claim Responsibility For A Bullet: War Veterans On Shooting Of Civilians


Speaking at a press conference, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary general Victor Matemadanda has said that there is no way anyone can claim responsibility for the bullets which killed civilians. Matemadanda was referring to the use of live bullets by the military to disperse MDC Alliance protesters. At least seven people died after being. Said Matemadanda,

I don’t want to answer you in the way I would have answered you, because I am a soldier. Noone can claim responsibility of a bullet. How do you know that it is my bullet or your bullet that kills an enemy? Can you tell me? Because a bullet is not a thing that moves one km a minute. Flash. How can you say so and so killed? When people came into the streets prepared for violence. Do you know what they were carrying?…No soldier can claim the responsibility of a bullet because you cannot follow it to see that its this bullet that came from this gun which killed a person. So I don’t want to answer this one

…If America puts sanctions for what happened, referring to what happened on August 1, why did they ignore the massive Marikana Massacre on people that were running on the streets? I don’t want to talk about (the) people who died on August 1 because I don’t know whether they were participants or they were just caught on crossfire.


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One Comment on “Noone Can Claim Responsibility For A Bullet: War Veterans On Shooting Of Civilians

    But no, not even in Zimbabwe. Have we forgotten forensics? Its that study that if the government WANT to use, has all the investigatve technics needed in this scenario.
    We start possibly by accounting for the guns which were on the street from our deployed millitary personnel. We also refer to the recovered casings. Then we ldentify the holder of each gun on the day. We then examine the bullet wounds on the deseased and the injured.(for instance, those shot at the back could not have been shot by anyone else other than the one they were fleeng from, a bullet wound has entry and exit points).We can also refer to various videos and pictures captured on the day.
    Now, why does this government want us useless except for the votes???
    Why does ED still let people like Matanda speak on issues so sensetive, is it because of ED’s insensitivity????
    Referring to Marikana is no justification at all. Even current leader is apologising and the families are and will be well compansated.
    My heart bleeds to think this is the Zimbabwe i must call home. The Zimbabwe where noone but the millitary and associated establishments have the rights, and noone else.
    I personally have a choice for a president, but dont really care as long as the one who is there acknowledges and notes that he owes the country good leadership.
    Finally, to Matanda, its possible to know who did the killing. Its not that other platform where you say “it cant”

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