British Ambassador Asks Chiwenga About GNU Possibility

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British Ambassador Catriona Laing reportedly asked VP Chiwenga if Zanu-PF would agree to coalition government.

Laing apparently asked the question this past week at a meeting to discuss the Electoral outcome and post-election violence which was also attended by EU Ambassador Philippe Van Damme.

The government owned Sunday Mail quoted unnamed sources:

The British Ambassador asked the VP if they would agree to a coalition Government and the VP responded by saying people do not negotiate for a coalition through violence. He said if the (opposition) MDC wanted to talk, it should come and sit down as Zimbabweans.”

More: The Sunday Mail

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  1. Chaporonga Reply

    Well said by the VP the nation should not use violence to solve its conflicts.

  2. bheveni sibanda Reply

    Handifunge kuti Dai Chamisa akataura kuti hona mudhara ED ndiri president weimwe party inoda kutungamirirwa dai wandipawo basa. ED ndinovimba kuti vaimunzwisisa kuti inherera yakasiiwa na tsvangira gore iro rino kwete kukanda matombo mu street zvavakaita

  3. Farai Johnson Nhire Reply

    Ed will have done a serious mistake to join hands with these people. They are very disrespectfull and very dishonest and it will be a mistake to imagine you would succeed partnering such an individual. The only thing that the opposition owes zimbabwe is the removal of ZIDERA.

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