Politics Is A Dirty Game, Let Politicians Do Their Own Dirty Work: Bishop Mutendi

In an interview with The Herald on the sidelines of the ZCC Defe Dopota Holy Land 42nd commemoration of the passing on of church founder Reverend Samuel Mutendi in Gokwe North yesterday, church leader Nehemiah Mutendi said people should not die for politics.

He said the current political situation over the July 30 harmonised elections outcome was only delaying socio-economic growth. Said Mutendi:

Yes, people died for this country (during the liberation struggle) and it’s different from dying for a seat in Parliament. That’s not a hero’s death. As they say the politics is a dirty game, let the politicians do their dirty work. The Constitution is there, why quarrel? Quarrelling delays progress.

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Nehemiah MutendiSamuel MutendiGokwe North

Nehemiah Mutendi is a Zimbabwean born religious figure who is the leader of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) one of the biggest locally initiated churches in the country. Read More About Nehemiah Mutendi

Samuel Mutendi was a religious figure and the Zimbabwean branch founding leader of the Zion Christian Church in Rhodesia which had spread from South Africa where he had been baptised by ZCC founder Enginase Lekganyane. Read More About Samuel Mutendi

Gokwe Northdistrict is the northern of two administrative districts in the Gokwe region of the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Its administrative seat is Nembudziya. Read More About Gokwe North


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