Real Change Only Comes When We Move Forward, Opposition Wastes Time Referring To The Past: Mnangagwa


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has criticised the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance coalition for constantly referring to the past instead of focusing on the future. In an editorial in the Washington Times, Mnangagwa says,

At the center of this nationwide debate, the party I now lead is reaching out across communities with policies both credible and capable of building on changes we have instituted in just eight months: Revealing plans for 99-year farm leases — tackling the issue of access to, and stewardship of, our nation’s land — to resolve racial and economic divisions; extending dialogue directly to all minority groups; and unveiling opportunities for women’s economic empowerment through a newly launched venture capital fund.

Step-by-step we continue to explain our agenda for lasting change in these final weeks before Zimbabwe’s historic general election. And we will continue right up to polling day. Then it will be for the citizens of Zimbabwe to decide: Have my party and I convinced the voters that real change only comes when we move forward together? Or will they choose another path?

The choice before the country next week is stark. This election is making clear that my opponents have a very different understanding and meaning of the word “change.”

…Yet the opportunity a free and fair election offers does not ensure every party seizes it. In that regard, the new opposition leadership has surprised: they have campaigned across all corners of the country and reached out and into districts, few might have expected them before. But their prospects seem wasted when they talk so much of the past, rather than promoting a cogent platform for the future.

Since coming into power, Mnangagwa has called for the country to “let bygones be bygones” and has refused to apologise for his role in the Gukurahundi massacres in the early 1980s.


More: Washington Times

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4 comments on “Real Change Only Comes When We Move Forward, Opposition Wastes Time Referring To The Past: Mnangagwa

  1. Unopenga mdara iwewe, so u expect us to forget just because u say so, its easy for u ka, there is that shona tsumo inoti chinokanganwa idemo, u were the axe ka causing us all this turmoil and now u just want us to forget, what happened to we learn from our mistakes that u want us to forget, ko icho chimurenga chamunogara muchitaura is it the future……..

  2. I think ED is right,take note that he is not saying forget about the past but instead he is saying lets not pitch our tents and live in the past.Its just the same as some war vets who keep referring to the liberation struggle at every opportunity they get.The past should not stop us from forging ahead regardless of who is in charge.Yes

  3. why do u waste ur time uchitiudza zvekurwa hondo?? hapana change yaunotaura apa, you’re the same naMugabe, state media is still shit, nothing has changed..

  4. No! Mnangagwa is right;going ahead with the best ideas is the key;Chamisa is not the answer to Zimbabwe’s problems-has bn waffling all the way the compaign trail along the country’s length & breath, preaching false promises.They say GOD FIRST MADE THEM MAD THOSE HE WANTS TO DESTROY-Chamisa has bn of late blatantly declaring on the campaign trail that unless itz only him elected on monday,the election will not b free & fair kkkkk,turning himself into a complete fool,with no one electing him on the election day;who do you think in his normal senses can elect such a fool;where do you find such thing in a democracy?People definitely will choose otherwise.This election is not for Chamisa presidency but for the people of zimbabwe to elect their leaders.So now I think chamisa has completely no message to the sane electorate ;so dead

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