Winky D Speaks On Politically Charged Single “Parliament”

In an interview with HMetro, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda spoke on the Zimdancehall’s latest single “Parliament”.

Banda said Winky D remains apolitical and is singing about the real issues affecting the poor and those who stay in the ghetto. Said Banda:

This is political campaign period and people can interpret the song in whatever way they want and we don’t have control over that. Winky D remains apolitical and mouthpiece of the poor and ghetto yuts. This is a call for those law makers to make a visit to the ghetto and get the reality on the ground. The ghetto youths know of the people who purport to represent them but these are the real issues on the ground not being addressed such as the drug culture. Winky D is the Gaffa who has been the voice of the people and willing to tell the truth from the angle of the ghetto youths, social commentary.

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Winky D

Winky D (real name Wallace Chirumiko) is an award-winning Zimbabwe Dancehall artist popularly known as the Ninja President. He is most known for his hit songs Musarove Bigman, Disappear, Ngirozi, Panorwadza Moyo (a collaboration with Oliver Mtukudzi), Kasong keJecha and Mugarden a collaboration with Gemma... Read More About Winky D

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