Dumiso Dabengwa To Be Chamisa’s Mentor And Advisor In MDC Alliance Govt

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Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa will be Nelson Chamisa’s mentor and advisor if the MDC Alliance wins the forthcoming elections.

Last month, Dabengwa pulled out of the presidential race at the last minute and declared his party’s full support for Chamisa’s presidential candidature. Part of the memorandum of understanding between Dabengwa and Chamisa reads:

Post winning the election, the president shall give due consideration to the appointment of deployees from Zapu in various State organs and State entities after consulting the president of Zapu. … Dabengwa shall act as the mentor and advisor to the State president post winning the election.

The document further states that the two parties must commit themselves collectively and individually to act in good faith at all times and within the spirit of the agreement. The parties also agree to commit unreservedly to the speedy implementation of devolution of power from the central government to the provinces and below and implementation of reforms in line with the 2013 Constitution.

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Dumiso Dabengwa is a politician and the current presiden of ZAPU. He was also a member of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) officially until 2008 when he left to revive ZAPU political party. In 2018, Dumiso formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation. During Zimbabwe's war... Read More About Dumiso Dabengwa

The MDC Alliance is a coalition of seven opposition parties that was launched on the 5th of August, 2017 at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, with the aim to challenge Zanu-PF in 2018 harmonised elections. The party's presidential candidate for the 2018 elections is Nelson... Read More About MDC Alliance

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician for memmber of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former Vice president of the MDC-T and currently the President of the MDC-T and leader of the MDC Alliance. Chamisa staged an inauguration at the... Read More About Nelson Chamisa

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  1. taffi april Reply

    dabengwa is just a loser he couldn’t stand by himself and his party akunoti nanga nanga nachamisa

  2. tafadzwanashe Reply

    he pulled out from the presidential race after we had campaigned for him…we waisted our money and time …what did we get in return?,nothing….I wont votefor mdc if he is going to be chamisa’s mentor

  3. leroy Reply

    dabengwa should find something else to do kana kuenda kunoita sabhuku kumusha

  4. murakashi Reply

    so what was his intention at first when he ran for the presidential post poor him dumiso

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