Zanu-PF Candidate Promises Free Wifi For Constituency


Zanu-PF candidate for Highfield East national assembly seat, Mike Taka Mashonganyika has promised to install wifi hotspots to provide internet for the people of his constituency. Mashonganyika also promised to pay for the internet. Said Mashonganyika,

As a person who grew up in this area, I know all the problems that these people go through. For a long time now, their problems have not been listened to. Noone has set down with them and hear them out.

If you look at the issue of WIFI, it has been something that has benefited people in the Northern suburbs while this side people have to wrestle for the little signal that is sometimes available. So today, Iā€™m installing 10 WIFI hotspots which I will personally pay for from today till forever.

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Highfield is one of the second oldest suburbs in Harare Metropolitan Province established in 1930. It is popularly known as Fiyo in the local pidgin language (slang) is located to the southwest of Harare and is bordered by Waterfalls, Willowvale, Glen Norah and Southerton.It has... Read More About Highfield

The National Assembly is one of the organs of the parliament in Zimbabwe. The other being the Senate. The National Assembly in Zimbabwe consists of 270 MPs. Of these, 210 MPs are elected directly in 210 physical constituencies spread across the country. The remaining 60... Read More About National Assembly

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