MDC-T Treated Us With Disdain, Disrespect And Contempt, It Cannot Be Water Under The Bridge: Welshman Ncube

The leader of the MDC party and spokesperson for the MDC Alliance Professor Welshman Ncube has accused the Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T of reneging on the alliance agreement. The MDC-T is alleged to have grabbed Local Government and parliamentary seats from the MDC under the pretext that the MDC had weak candidates. Speaking to NewsDay, Ncube said,

How did they judge the weaknesses of candidates? They don’t know and whose CVs? After all, at least two of the candidates whose seats they seized were very strong sitting women MPs of whom they replaced with a man who has previously lost 2 consecutive elections. One woman they removed in Mashonaland East had the full backing of traditional leaders and structures of the MDC-T on the ground and yet she was removed even after the traditional leaders had pleaded that she not be removed.

…The truth of the matter is that the seats were seized for and on behalf of specific individuals for not so legitimate reasons. Dishonesty, deception and treating colleagues and allies with disdain, disrespect and contempt can never be water under the bridge.

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3 comments on “MDC-T Treated Us With Disdain, Disrespect And Contempt, It Cannot Be Water Under The Bridge: Welshman Ncube

  1. Welshman NCUBE you are a divisive element. You are again on Zanu-PF payroll. Nomination court has sat and participating candidates registered. . Remember you have always been a weaker partner.

  2. This goes to show how sly Chamisa is NCUBE vouched for him to say Tsvangirai said Chamisa was the one the bible warns about being false witness THE aliance is very fragile and the fragmentation keeps going on how would these people have formed the government ? Lack of strategy is evident because people wanted to firm a unified aliance to remove Mugabe but Mugabe having been removed every party of faction should have stood alone. The weaker and galible members of the Aliance saw Chamisa as a trump card. Now there’s talk of boycotting elections by Chamisa paranoia of being assasinated vote rigging. These guys must not get cold feet. We want progress removal of sanctions and international acceptance so that we can WORK for our families and ourselves whether ED or Chamisa or whoever it’s what the ordinary citizen wants so fellas just get on with it stop wiynching

  3. The most interesting thing about Welshman’S rant is the allusion that TRADITIONAL LEADERS ARE SUPPORTING HIS CANDIDATES—-so we have turned full cycle—-Chief Charumbira has every right to support a party of his choice bcz even the MDC-Alliance is doing the same—-good luck putting that genie back into the bottle—-its now out there and the international community knows!

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