Mujuru, Khupe Will Determine Who Wins Elections Chamisa, ED: Analysts

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Political analysts have said that MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe and National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru will probably determine who wins the 2018 elections between Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The analysts also dismissed the majority of the 23 presidential candidates saying that the election will be between Chamisa and Mnangagwa. Professor of World Politics at the London School of African and Oriental Studies Stephen Chan said,

Although these will likely not impact the forthcoming elections, they may be a sign of things to come in elections of the future. However, I do see it as a straight fight between Mnangagwa and Chamisa and their respective parties…I think voters will be able to tell who is who on the ballot sheet. I saw peasants voting on hugely complicated ballot papers in rural South Sudan. People know. They don’t need to be patronised. However, Khupe may prove to be as much a kingmaker as Mujuru in the parliamentary stakes. I don’t think there will be any kingmaker in the presidential stakes.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure added

You may have as many candidates as 23, but the electorate will choose between Mnangagwa and Chamisa. Others are just accompanying these two major presidential candidates…In the unlikely event of a run-off, then there will be a lot of realignments, and it’s not clear at this stage who will give their vote to Mnangagwa or Chamisa . . . for instance Khupe might decide to go for ED.

Another analyst, Maxwell Saungweme, added

Mujuru and Khupe are likely to be the kingmakers. As I said before, their combined numbers could do to Chamisa what Makoni did to Tsvangirai in 2008.

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Thokozani Khupe is a Zimbabwean politician, cancer activist and the former Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change. She challenged President Nelson Chamisa for the bid to succeed the late MDC-T founder Morgan Tsvangirai. Khupe reportedly said she will run for President in the... Read More About Thokozani Khupe

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician for memmber of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former Vice president of the MDC-T and currently the President of the MDC-T and leader of the MDC Alliance. Chamisa staged an inauguration at the... Read More About Nelson Chamisa

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  1. Jimalo Jonki Reply

    Thanks to Chamisa rush to Brush Khupe aside as a nontity it might come back to bite him in the backside women are MORE than man and with people like Priscilla Misihairabwi campaigning for Khupe Chamisa might have started a hornet nest. It very dangerous thing to trivialize women in this mordern age treat them as equals they wield power

  2. Annoyed! Reply

    Treating her as a woman when she started boycotting all Meeting our president Tsvangirayi was conducting! ! She is just a sellout. MDC is much better without her. People are well educated, they can easLy vote for Chamisa without being confused by this BITCH! !

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