Mwonzora Is Waiting For His Chance To Strike Against Chamisa: Nick Mangwana

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Writing in a column in The Herald, Zanu-PF United Kingdom, Nick Mangwana said MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora is waiting for his chance to strike against Nelson Chamisa.

Mangwana writes that Mwonzora wants the MDC-T presidency and is likely going to strike immediately after the elections regardless of the outcome. Below is an excerpt of Mangwana’s article:

Mwonzora chose a different approach to his allies. To stay under Chamisa and wait his moment to strike. At the moment he is trying to pretend to preserve party unity for the sake of an electoral payoff, after the election that might not happen. What he is assured of is purging at the December congress. There will be a new executive, which will include coalition partners but exclude Mwonzora and all the leaders being systematically replaced by the former ZINASU cadres.

Let’s face it, this coalition is a ragtag assemblage of little organisations with no internal coherence. They lack an ideological synchrony that will ensure that they cannot resist natural power dynamics. Right now the unity of purpose they have is based on the self-serving quest for power.

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Nick MangwanaDouglas Mwonzora

Ndabaningi Nick Mangwana is a politician, political analyst, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity and a member of Zanu-PF. He was the chairperson of Zanu-PF U.K chapter. Mangwana was popular with his column View from the diaspora which is published in the... Read More About Nick Mangwana

Douglas Mwonzora is an advocate and politician affiliated with the Movement for Democratic Change. Mwonzora is currently Secretary General of the MDC-T. He is the former COPAC Co-Chairperson and former Member of Parliament, Nyanga North Zimbabwe. Mwonzora is a former Law Lecturer. Read More About Douglas Mwonzora

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  1. Landless Black Reply

    I don’t think Mwonzora is that kind of a person. Monzwora respects the constitution and the party structures. he will not stoop that low.

  2. Jade Reply

    Go to HELL U ZANUPF beach! Leave MDC alone and mind ur own business. Where sid u get tht nonsense

  3. Jimalo Jonki Reply

    The splits will continue as party loyalists are ordered to make way for Aliance people let’s see we are watching if they will take it LYING on their backs

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