Minister Mukupe Claims Mnangagwa’s Aide Charamba Is Plotting Against Him, Says I Beat His Girlfriend

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Deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Terrence Mukupe is reported to have claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba is bent on tarnishing his image. Mukupe alleged that Charamba was doing so because his alleged girlfriend Mavis Gumbo had been defeated by Mukupe in the Zanu-PF primary elections.

The Standard reports that Mukupe told a Whatsapp group known as Zanu-PF Patriots,

Firstly, nowhere did the government say I made those statements. Secondly, ask yourself what was the motivation of Charamba to come up with that press statement without consulting me and even seeing the video of the meeting. It is a fact that Mavis Gumbo is a looser (sic) and it is a fact that Charamba has been sleeping with Mavis Gumbo.

Charamba denied that he had authored the statement condemning Mukupe’s previous statements and directed the minister to address the person who issued the statement. Said Charamba,

Who issued the statement that he is reacting to? So he is suggesting that the minister is so daft to the extent that he can’t write his statement on his own? He must tell that directly to the minister, not to me. I will not respond to other issues that are peripheral.

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George Charamba

George Charamba is Zimbabwe's presidential spokesperson as well as the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services. Charamba is one of the longest serving permanent secretaries in the Government of Zimbabwe.He was reported to be the person using an assumed name... Read More About George Charamba


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  1. Good luk Jonathan says:

    Mukupe is becoming Mutsvangwa, think they should all be president advisories

  2. Tindo says:

    I am ZANU PF to the born but Mukupe you are a nuisance to Our good organization which is now a hope for the Nation. I don see you in Cabinet come August.

  3. lorraine says:

    hahada this so called man mukupe doesn’t deserve to be in Parliament or to hev an sit cause he doesn’t think…even those people who put an x for him doesn’t think well

  4. Mimi says:

    Grow up Terence
    Why is the President still tolerating you and your nonsense????
    Its people like you who continue to tarnish an image ED is trying to rebuilt, foul mouthed boy

  5. Landless Black says:

    Are Mukupe and Chamisa related in any way? They talk the same way

  6. Nyagono says:

    Mukupe acrude political novice blames professionals like Chafamba and doesn’t know that what he claims amounts to defamation.

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