Manicaland To Be Granted Special Economic Zone Status: Mnangagwa

Addressing a rally in Mutare, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that Manicaland will soon be granted Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status. The president said this would enable the province to export goods through the port of Beira easily. Said Mnangagwa,

In our economic plans, Manicaland will be granted a status of Special Economic Zone for the purpose of exportation of our commodities from this area to port of Beira. We have seen it fit to grant you that status as it will create employment opportunities and skills and technology importation for the region.

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Special Economic ZoneManicaland

Special Economic Zones (SEZ)s are geographically designated areas of the country which are set aside for specifically targeted economic activities to promote national economic growth by using support measures to attract both foreign and domestic investments. Business activity in the designated areas is subject to... Read More About Special Economic Zone

Manicaland is a province which covers largely the eastern highlands and the south eastern plateau of Zimbabwe. Manicaland is one of Zimbabwe's ten administrative provinces. Mutare is the capital of Manicaland province. Read More About Manicaland

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