You Can Never Have Stability Without Democracy: Chamisa Warns UK About Backing Zanu-PF

MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa has warned the United Kingdom that backing President Emmerson Mnangagwa in order to get political stability in Zimbabwe could backfire. Chamisa warned that this approach could lead to instability. Speaking at Chatham House in the United Kingdom, Chamisa said,

We have seen that there has been a bit of a shift on the part of the British government in terms of focusing more on political stability and trade and commerce at the expense of democracy.But that is a false narrative, you can never have stability without democracy.

We expect Britain and the EU to speak for free and fair elections. There’s a very disturbing trend in the context of the British government in Zimbabwe.We’re seeing the inclination to align with one political party against another. That is disturbing, particularly in terms of the issue of just setting the basic standard for free and fair elections.

Because for a long time, the British government has been emphasising norms, values — let those norms and values of free and fair elections be respected. That is all we want — we’re not asking for money. We’re asking for the solidarity of a global coalition for free and fair elections.

Officials at the British Embassy have constantly refuted the allegations that they are backing President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

You can watch Chamisa’s full address at Chatham House here.

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7 comments on “You Can Never Have Stability Without Democracy: Chamisa Warns UK About Backing Zanu-PF

  1. This is the problem with Chamisa a third world young man cannot teach a developed country like Britain about stability and democracy what we are experiencing the Brits have gone through that phase long before us.If Chamisa had experienced Tutology from UK professors he would gain some knowledge. Coming to stability Chamisa cannot even reign in his supporters for example the crowd that tried to burn KHUPE in a house in Buhera when she had come all the way from Byo to attend Morgan’s funeral the second thing is if Chamisa knew what stability is he would not dictate yo Army generals when he is not in office for them to pledge to salute him if he wins especially if he takes pot shots,at the army Willy nilly. Respect is earned not imposed abreast that means his relationship with the army may be a hurdle he will have to cross if he wins diplomacy tact and negotiating skills are lacking in Chamisa as vocabulary. ED has them all in the end Britain may like Emmerson better because they want a stable Zimbabwe which is assured by ED but questionable under Chamisa especially with his motor mouth

    1. Jimalo sounds like uyu wekudzingwa uyu anonzi aniko zviya, obert gutu. Its cold outside there. Very bitter about mama kupe. Mama kupe and company are now going to be swallowed by mai mujuru. Coz mai mujuru havade kunzwa kuti mdc. Manyura manje mese

      1. BabaPP, Jimalo comments on all the statements from the MDC because he is on the ZANU PF payroll. He does not understand the politics of the opposition, he does not understand the economy, he does not understand the damage being done by the junta. I do not think he reads comments about the shade deals which are being done by the junta, he does not know that the health, education, and infrastructure have collapsed, he does not read of the issues about corruption, missing $15 billion, firing of nurses for their democratic rights, the externalization of funds, corruption in all the parastatals and he does not know that Zimbabwe is now of the poorest countries in the world. Jimalo only needs masikadhi nembanje zvatokwana. We want electoral reforms and transparency in the printing of the ballot otherwise we should not take part in the elections. Let’s not make the same mistakes which we did in 2013. Once bitten, twice shy. Izvozvi Jimalo akatodhakwa. ZANU PF has real willing tools. I can not blame ZANU PF if they are people with mental illness and psychological order who are ready to lick his masters’ asses for 30 pieces of silver. Jimalo has sold his soul to the devil.

        1. mafirakureva it is you who has sold your soul to the’s you who speculates and take hearsay for facts.No wonder Zimbabwe is in this mess its idiots like you pulling back when everyone else sees the need of a better Zimbabwe under ED.Not some kid who first rushes to states to ask for additional sanctions.what reforms do you talk about,let it sail through parliament if you have the numbers.its not Zanu Pfs fault that at one time you were firing mps willie nilly.

    1. Your reaction proves Jimalo is correct—you dont give facts—you just shout insults making you very UNSTABLE and a blot on your boss Chanyiswa’s name!

  2. why do i always see the same hate from people who say they support MDC, Jimalo is right in a way NC lack political maturity, he is creating a big between zimbabweans coz at the end there is life after elections, if he wins how will he unite all zimbabweans with this hate kind of speech

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