The Signs On How They Intend To Rig The Elections! – The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded

Thank you, mama, for the signs: The signs on how they intend to rig the elections!

by Honourable Patrick Zhuwao on 18th April 2018

I started writing this ZBR soon after Julius Malema finished his speech on Saturday 14th April 2018. Deep in my heart of hearts, I knew that I should be writing about signs. As I stared at my computer that day, I could not understand why words were failing me. I could not understand the sudden onslaught of writer’s block. Even days after I had started writing this ZBR, I still failed to understand why I could not bring myself to talk of the plethora of such signals as Chinamasa’s promise to fee youth officers soon after elections.

Just like Julius, I too was waiting for a signal from mama. I too repeated what Julius asked uMama Mandela as I closed my eyes, spiritually transported myself to my mother’s grave at Heroes Acre, and chanted, “Mama you never told me how we must treat them when they come here. I am waiting for a signal mama on how we must treat them.” Right now, the fallen heroes at Heroes Acre, are looking across Samora Machel Avenue at the stadium and saying “We see you, in your beautiful suits. BETRAYERS! SELL-OUTS! We see you! ! !”

For these past few days, I have looked at my own late mother’s portrait as I have sought the signaL Just like you, I am borne of a mother. My mother is a whole clan. Her clan is Gushongo, maNgwenya, Tsivo, veChakona, veMaringowe, veMupandaguta, veMuchelca walcaSunga Beta.

My mother’s clan gave me the signal through the press statement that purported to fire all nurses in Zimbabwe. The signal from my mother is to alert all of you that the statement provides you with lessons on how to see the signs as they are given to you by your own ancestors through the incarnation of the spirits that gave life to you.

A lot of the discussion around the now infamous press statement has missed the fourth paragraph of the press statement that redirects US$17,114,446 towards covering the cost of increasing the 5,000 military officers who have been embedded in local communities to 9,760; one for each of the polling stations.

This is vindicated by the fact that the Health Services Board, which has been directed to engage “all unemployed but trained nurses in the country” and “recall retired nursing staff”, does not have the necessary capacity to effect such a mammoth exercise. Consequently, the military has been called upon to assist the Health Services Board. Operation Orders have been already been dispatched from the National Joint Operations Command (JOC) to a provincial and district JOCs.

The fact that the statement is issued by Chiwenga confirms that the purported firing and hiring of nurses is a military operation designed to achieve a political objective as alluded to in the last sentence of the second paragraph of the press statement. It should not be lost to fellow patriots that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health is a serving General in the military. A military operation is underway; soon to be in other ministries where the military has deployed.

As the new nurses are being recruited by military personnel, they will undergo indoctrination under the guise of customer care training. They will be taught how to extoll the virtues of the new dispensation as they treat patients. Those that fail to do that will be summarily fed since they will be on probation. For the next three months, they will become extensions of the ZANU PF election campaign under General Rugeje. The military operation will come full circle.

Thank you, mama, for the signs. Thank you, mama, for showing us how they intend to rig. Thank you, mama, for giving us a signal on how we must treat them. Thank you mama for showing as the signs that direct all of us to resist the purported hiring and firing of nurses whose real objective is to redirect US$17,114,446 towards bolstering the ZANU PF campaign by firstly, contributing financially to the rigging, and secondly, creating a cohort of ZANU PF operatives stationed in all health service centres. It is now our responsibility to thwart this rigging ploy.

Iwe nevi tine basa. Umsebenzi loUmIchulu.
Manse Sana.

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10 comments on “The Signs On How They Intend To Rig The Elections! – The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded

  1. The funniest thing about this is Patrick too was also going to rig the elections, a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. He is just bitter because he has been dethroned. These idiots must all fall.

    1. it’s a reality wat has been highlighted by Patrick…suffice to say the reality sounds absurd cmng from one wounded by accused thank u for the expose hoping it’s not on selfish grounds…this junta that has take up the Gov Wil however get newer, ppl are tire d tantra Sesidiniwengezanu shiit and that includes u Patrick might as u might never Wil u every a part ofthis new nation cmng up…we watching

  2. Do you even think Sabina Mugabe is worth being a National Hero and to be laid at the Heros Acre. We are going to remove her remains after August 2018. Asi akamboudza brother yake kuti chirega, icho Robert chikaramba, chikati handisati ndapedza kuba. Haaaa, rubbish dzevanhu. Go hang Gushungos nezvizukuru zvacho.

  3. Stupid. You are not a Zimbabwean. Go say that to your Mozambique or Malawi people. Nyika yese takatambura nemakara bwino for 37 years shuwa. I hate Robert Mugabe and your ilk with a passion. Fools.

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