It Is Daft, Irresponsible Not To Require Maths, English For Tertiary Education: Former Minister

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Former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo has spoken out against his successor’s decision to scrap Ordinary Level Mathematics and English as prerequisites to study at colleges and universities. Moyo’s successor Professor Amon Murwira said that colleges and universities are now free to use their own discretion when enrolling students without the government stipulating the minimum entry requirements.

Speaking to The Standard, Moyo said,

All I can say for now it that it is daft and irresponsible not to require ‘O’ Level English and Mathematics as prerequisites for entry into tertiary or higher education. I did not initiate or make the policy on this. I found it and enforced it because it is progressive and is in the national interest if Zimbabwe is to produce the high-end skills needed for the country to industrialise and modernise.

The same goes for the Stem scholarships for ‘A’ Level students. I have seen illiterate and downright stupid arguments against those scholarships. I know this is going to be an election year, handeitione. The coup government is anti-people and anti-science.

Mnangagwa would rather have Jah Prayzah singing Kutonga Kwaro to promote Lacoste nonsense about Mnangagwa and his ill-fated regime rather than sing Stem Ngazviende Mberi to promote the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the country for prosperity into posterity.

More: The Standard

Amon MurwiraJah Prayzah

Amon Murwira is a Zimbabwean academic. He is currently the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Development. Read More About Amon Murwira

Jah Prayzah, real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe, is a popular Zimbabwean modern musician and frontman for the band Third Generation. He is known for his signature band uniform of military regalia.Jah Prayzah has done successful collaborations with local musicians of various genres such as Oliver Mtukudzi.... Read More About Jah Prayzah

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  1. rad Reply

    “The coup government is anti-people and anti-science.”

    Jonathan Moyo is the daft one here. Grace/Robert Mugabe government his was part of was clearly the anti people one given how much the couple and their cronies including Jonathan Moyo assett strip the country in endess fits of self enrichment. no wonder the people joined the army in kicking the vermin out. Moyo is bitter because their shenanigans against the Zimbabwean state and its people are slowly coming out and they all belong in jail. Moyo had no problem as Mugabe broke all rules and any pretence of decency by taking over multiple farms some of which he rented back after failing to reproduce their glory yet still demanded cuts from annual revenues.

    As for the requirements for maths and English, only the latter should be a necessity due to its pervasity in the delivery of the rest of the subjects. To suggest that even someone destined to be say a professional artist of a historian should pass ‘O’ Level Maths is maddness in the extreme. For whats purpose exactly? Moyo really needs his head examined. Fortunately for the country, the whole world could easily see anyone in government but this lot. Mugabe can never again be a leader of the country and is Moyo doesn’t realise this then he is beyond a Hlanyeni case.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    It is really daft for a minister to force a person who wants to study law at university to have maths as an entry requirement.

  3. Bwedebwese Reply

    I hate to admit it, but Jonso has a point here. Standards going down.

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