ZBC Bans Programmes Featuring “Miracle, Prosperity Prophets’


State-owned broadcaster, ZBC, has suspended all programmes which feature miracle and prosperity prophets. This follows complaints from viewers who felt that the broadcaster was prioritising the prophets because of revenues ahead of more important issues. ZBC acting head of radio services Mr Albert Chekayi said,

ZBC acting head of radio services Mr Albert Chekayi said,

What happened is we have temporarily suspended the programs to allow us to have a re-look considering the many complaints we have received from the public who are the owners of the radio stations since we are a public broadcaster. This decision was taken by us…we are answerable to the listeners. Remember, a public broadcaster does not just target profits but the interests of those who pay licenses. Once the process is complete, it will inform us what steps to take.

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3 comments on “ZBC Bans Programmes Featuring “Miracle, Prosperity Prophets’

  1. People’s prosperity is the nation’s prosperity. I don’t see anything wrong with such programs if one can have a better life as a result of listening to them (God), except if one is jealous of other prospering. Let those who have prospered testify and advise those who have not so we can everyone on the road to prosperity by using the advice of the prophets. God bless the investigations so our beloved ZBC can reinstate the shows.

    1. Jennifer you are a witch who wants witchcraft to prevail. It is the prayers of true believers in Christ that has caused that ban of those Tsikamutandas who are calling themselves prosperity preachers hiding behind the sacred Word of God so our prayers have been answered. Repent Jennifer

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