Chamisa Threatens Mnangagwa With Protests

Speaking at the launch of the MDC Alliance’s Plan and Environment for a Credible Election in Zimbabwe (Peace) document which outlines the coalition’s 10 electoral demands in Harare yesterday, the coalition’s presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa threatened President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government with street protests if it fails to implement 10 electoral reforms outlined in the Peace Document.

Said Chamisa:

This election is going to produce one outcome, and this is victory for the MDC Alliance, we are not going to allow them (Mnangagwa and his government) to reverse the will of the people. In fact, we have given them a window to reform. If they don’t, we are going on the streets. We are going to mobilise the people and this is not going to be an MDC Alliance issue, but a people’s issue because the issue of resolving governance crisis, social-economic and political question is tied to the issue of free and fair elections.

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3 comments on “Chamisa Threatens Mnangagwa With Protests

  1. Chamisa you need to mature if you start violent demonstrations the observer’s are not the ordinary easy to fool ZIMBABWEANS they are analysts and know politics in a deeper perspective you now remind me of Robert Mugabe who would refuse to attend The Lanchester house conference making hard demands and refusing a ceasefire meanwhile on the front we were fighting and killing each other Julius Nyerere then difused the situation by telling him that The British had assured him of free and fair elections and he told Mugabe in no uncertain terms that if he spoiled this chance there would be no bases in Mozambique Zambia or anywhere else in Africa you are the same you want to extend the suffering of people to make sure you Ramrode your way to state house you need to be voted in first my Home boy. The Gambit you guys pulled to ask America to keep sanctions in place extended the suffering of masses.When Obama asked Collen Powell to endorse him after talking of lipstick and pigs referring to Hillary Clinton his reply was I am not going to vote for you just because you are black this kunyomba and threatening Emmerson business must stop campaign properly peacefully then you get our vote and you should mend fences with defectors you do not see how much damage you are causing. Don’t think for one second you are the only one who can legitimise these elections the world is watching the road to state house is not as easy you think you need to work for it be very careful how you proceed Homeboy.

  2. Jimalo Jonki you are missing the point.Iam surprised you are talking about the war which means you are old but your reasoning is far from maturity. Chamisa is saying they have ten points in a document to be presented to gvt so that they reform the electoral ssyetem as per those points.Now he is saying, if Mnangagwa and his coup gvt fail to obey he will mobilize people to PROTEST not be violent. A protest is not violence. A protest is a constitutionally enshrined right to air grievances against a non-compliant gvt. In democracies world over protests are carried out.Thats why the military junta is saying Mugabe was removed by the people through protests not by the military because they know it is acceptable for people to demonstrate for their rights in a democracy.

  3. Why pre-empt? Who said the request will be turned down? How many people have seen the raised concerns or points for electoral reforms? How many are for the said reforms?
    Remember that the people of Zimbabwe know what they want.

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