Mugabe Tells AU That He Is Not Safe, Says His Family Is Being Harassed, Claims He Is Being Denied His Benefits

In a meeting with African Union (AU) Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat in Harare on Monday, former president Robert Mugabe is reported to have claimed that his family was being harassed and that he was being denied his constitutional benefits as a former head of state. This is at odds with reports that Mugabe was going to receive a $10 million package, although, the state never confirmed the figure. Mugabe told Mahamat,

For instance, they told you, I was safe, but how can I be in this environment? My wife is crying daily. They are persecuting her; that is obviously directed at me. What am I without my wife and family. We are not safe. We have constitutional benefits, for example, but these are being denied.

It’s not like I am crying for those benefits I joined the struggle to fight to free my people. not to personally benefit anything, but why deny me benefits that I am constitutionally entitled to?

You need to assist us to bring this country to normalcy and democracy There is need for people’s rights to be restored and normal life to continue. Now there is no freedom of expression. If you disagree with them, then you must die.

We need the spirit of Kenneth Kaunda in this country, ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. This country I is now deeply divided along regional and tribal lines; that is wrong We want our own ‘One Zimbabwe, One nation’ Harassing and intimidating people must stop; witch-hunting against people, must stop.

Why are they harassing people Some of them are overzealous. How do you arrest a whole university vice-chancellor over lies about a PhD? Some of these people are just idiots, they are ignoramuses.

….Anyways, just give us our benefits.

..I’m going, to tell the truth; there is no more democracy anymore in Zimbabwe. How can it be Is there when the military is ruling? I’m saying this as Robert Mugabe and, of course, I am not afraid of anyone. I was imprisoned for 11 years by the Rhodesians so there is nothing to fear.

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46 comments on “Mugabe Tells AU That He Is Not Safe, Says His Family Is Being Harassed, Claims He Is Being Denied His Benefits

  1. we lost vast wealth we accumulated over the years as zimbabweans and now that he is out of government he talks of democracy and let me tell you Robert where was democracy and human rights when Rashiwe Guzha,Itai Dzamara disappeared with no trace when we were made to leave our homes for the diaspora , where was democracy when my vote was stolen and declared a Zanu Pf vote. Old man please save us the nonsense can you please shove your complain where the sun doesn`t shine. Give us Itai and we will give you your benefits.

  2. shame on you old man,where there any free and fair elections when you were in power?was there any freedom of speech when you were the ruler?it’s easily how you have forgotten.

  3. he joined the struggle not to personally benefit anything. Is he joking…. how much has he and his family LOOTED. …. then you insult our inteligence mcwiiii

  4. Dindingwe rinospakwa richazvuzvurudza rimwe mutara kana rozvuzvurudzwa roti hande kulawn ; maya mutara imomo mutori bho. Game continue

  5. The biggest joke ever. The country has so much better in these last few months after his corrupt famil have been thrown away. U lucky you weren’t stripped of every last penny or property you still own you swine. You stole everything from us Zimbabweans just to enrich yourself. Go see how much poverty there is in Zimbabwe shame some don’t have safe water to even drink. Go live with them and know what you are talking about then talk about constitutional rights etc

  6. Gushungo pawaiuraya zvainakidza. Waida kuuraya Mnangagwa ne poisoning. Was that freedom ? Hapana zvauchataura zvatichanzwa sheet.

  7. My only advise to you Mugabe and grace is that you should vote for MDC kana muchida democracy iya ya mai ramba ndiko kwairi

  8. The problem you married a greedy wife maka tadza Kuitira ma youth vana ve zimbabwe chinhu now we do not have jobs because of you and your wife and the military now you talk of benefits your ex zanu pf haiite we need young blood to rule zimbabwe imi makura itai zvekuchengeta vazukuru nyika ku MDC

    1. That’s the problem ne madhara aya ari mu zanu vese vakura and hamuna vana vadiki have you noticed kuty madhara aya they are very old I wonder if they can used dstv remote to change channels nor use whatsapp none of them can give a speech using an Ipad handisati ndazviona now they claim kuty vari kuda kuramba vachi tonga mxm zim will never be okay Aslong zanu ichi tonga hama Dzangu kukama mukaka wakakora kare

  9. Hanzi benefits vabereki vedu waka vadzingisa mabasa pa that incident ye zuva petroleum vanhu vaka wanda vaka retrenchaw mari dzavo na nhasi hakuna mari chaiyo ino tenga munyika Hatina apa waka dzoka rodza zvataka kurambidz kuty no ma bonds iwe uka udza waiti ticha ita sei

  10. Kkkkkkk am I dreaming ? Is that u Mr comrade Gabu? Grace deserve kutogara mujeri nemupunga wake cz she z so weaked n heartless …u know wat u allowed ur wife to do those interface rallies muchisvora garwe nhai n izvozvo zvakaita kuti tone how stupid she z …vamwe taisamuda garwe iyeye but cz taivenga hunhu hwechipfambi nekusadzikama kwa grace takati zvirinani asvorwa apinde….u ruined our lives n u dnt deserve n benefit at o….no jobs no wat chamaiita kupa vanhu mupunga like seriously?…..u allowed ur kids to show off their riches whilst I ain’t got a coin in my pocket n u think I will feel sry nxaa …chitptendai varikumusoro otherwise daily ndirini it was Gona be worse

  11. Can you be that blind of all the misery you have caused the pain and suffering you’ve inflicted on your country the sheer greed of your wife wake up and smell the roses you are an evil man and your wife is ten times worse

  12. Well he deserves everything he gets and more………..as for her she is just a money grabbing thief. May they both rot in hell.

  13. you robbed, murded and so much more of Your Own people that your claimed To have fought for and yet now you are begging for help in Your billion Mansion coz your wife is not on her Hermone pills. Dude really, help the people your supposedly fought instead of that thinG

  14. So its you Robert now,, what do u know about rights,, was born under leadership grew up under your ruthless leader ship with your bitch that in insulted people,, u never respected us,, now u talk of benefits,, u still wants to benefit after all these billions u stole from us,, zviroto zviroto,, go home and herd cattle!!! U are a devil!!

  15. Still trying to find the $15 billion dollars that went missing during your term in office. Your benefits will be paid in full when the money is found. Musacheme zvenyu sekuru.

  16. thats how we felt all the 37 years you were in power Mr Former President. Were people also not beaten for not supporting you? Were you not defeated in the 2008 harmonized elections? So define your so called democracy now. When the same military supported you in a coup in 2008 you were all smiles claiming Zimbabwean can not be sold by a mere X.You can fool everyone else outside Zim but not us….coz muti wakatemwa haukanganwe but demo rinokanganwa…..kana Phd range riri genuine why are you then afraid of the inquiry?

  17. She is crying because she can never be president and she is stuck with your sagging body, don’t lie Mugabe is happy without and we finally have democracy no thanks to you. Asante Sana

  18. He is crying about benefits what about health care …he was busy being treated in Singapore did he one time say I desire to be treated in Zimbabwe???

  19. Kikikiki look whose talking about democracy now. He is delusional this old man. He imprisoned and killed people and bury them in shallow graves without remorse yet now speak of democracy. Lock them all up.

  20. Its surprising that Zim was led by such a self centred man for 40 yrs. Crying about his disjointed family- how many people are in the diaspora cos of his despotism and kleptocracy. He deposed Rev Sithole and kana zvoitigwa iye woti zvashata. He was in the habit of distributing university qualifications to his cronies esp cabinet ministers so that he would brag about the most learned cabinet. Mugabe? It was a mistake to have him as Zim leader. He thinks that Guci is more important than the women/wives in this country. Kana yaive imwe nyika yomuAfrica ungadai wava honye. These guys realy protected yu, but yu spit in their face. What an ungreatful fellow!

  21. It was the military that protected you Mr Mugabe so why the threats.Besides this is Gracievtalking for you.You are not entitled to any benefits until you,your wife and family plus extended family return the stolen monies and assets obtained through corruption to the Zimbabwe Nation.

  22. Matakadya kare haanyengedzi mwana. Would have been happy to enjoy my pension which I paid into all my working life. But because of your cruel shameless greedyness people are suffering. Took all the money at the click of your finger!!!!!! You don’t deserve a penny!!! You are lucky to have been let scot free enjoying the benefits of your cruelty. SHAME ON YOU!!! As for Gucci Grace uri imbwa yemunhu. Go rot in he’ll!!!!!!!!!

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