How Zimbabweans Online Reacted To Obert Mpofu’s Refusal To Cooperate With Parly Portfolio Committee Over Missing Diamonds Revenues

Minister of Home Affairs Obert Mpofu caused disruption in Parliament on Thursday when he refused to answer any questions from the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy. The minister accused Portfolio Committee chairperson Temba Mliswa of having an agenda and declared that he will never cooperate as long as Mliswa was presiding.

Understandably, most Zimbabweans were put off by the minister’s behaviour although some saluted him for his brazenness. Here is how some Zimbabweans reacted.





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6 comments on “How Zimbabweans Online Reacted To Obert Mpofu’s Refusal To Cooperate With Parly Portfolio Committee Over Missing Diamonds Revenues

  1. Many still think that Mpofu has something to do with $15billion diamond money. This was a chance for him to ensure that we know what really happened. Now that he has shown that he is bigger than we thought, Zanu pf has lost my vote. We are talking about eradicating corruption while the people that the whole of Zimbabwe suspect are corrupt are left scotfree.

  2. Mr O Mpofu,why do you refuse to co-operate with those probing about the 15 Billion Dollar saga.Your refusal make us conclude that you have got something to do with that missing money.Moreso,take off that G40 tendency which is still hovering over your head.You are no longer the ‘gods’ you used to be during RG’s era.Dont take the Masses for granted and be warned that you are being watched.The People of Zimbabwe are more clever that your imagination.Say what you know about the missing money because the Masses are eager to know.

  3. Very stupid oldman Obed Mpofu ,a well educated Ndebele guy from Mashonaland ,you ate 15 bills dombis while 15 millis Zimbos are starving ,shit madala

  4. What l have realised is that we cant separate political hatred and matters on hand, Temba did nothing wrong, positions come with accountability, the honourable minister should have answered questions he was asked, we should stop this “agism” culture, vanhu vakuru havavhunzwe, hee we fought for this country iwewe uri pwere, what utter nonsense, we want that 15billion dolars back (if it ever left the country, that is)

  5. President ED Obert has to go irrespective of whatever respect you have for him cz his representing your vote and do u think the masses will vote for such an arrogant man thus his gonna cost you come elections. Please release him he is total toxic to the new legacy, he has nothing to give Zimbabweans except payback looted diamonds

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