Mugabe Is Being Grossly Mistreated By Mnangagwa Says Nephew Patrick Zhuwao

In an interview with Voice of Africa Studio 7, former Public Service Minister Patrick Zhuwao said his uncle Robert Mugabe is being grossly mistreated by Mnangagwa’s Government. Zhuwao said that he has been able to sneak into the country a number of times and has had conversations with people who do not approve of the current administration. He said the current administration is unpopular and must be removed.

Zhuwao who is believed to be hiding in South Africa, also denied news that he sneaked into Zimbabwe in Mugabe’s company. He said he fears for his life and could not disclose where he is currently and pleaded with the media to report responsibly. Said Zhuwao:

Ndinofunga zvandingati ndikumbire ndezvekuti ivo vemapepanhau ngavavevo vanhu vane hany’a nenyaya dzehupenyu hwevamwe vanhu kuti vasanyanyokuda kufara kuda kukanganisa mararamiro evamwe. Vacherechedze zvavanokurukura, zvavanotaura nekuti nedzimwe nguva vanoburitsa zvinhu zvinoita kuti mumwe munhu azopinda patsikwende kana kutotsakatika,

Zhuwao said he hopes to return to Zimbabwe one day but only when President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has been removed. He said the people of Zimbabwe do not approve the current administration and that Mnangagwa will not win a free and fair election and that he will fail to get 15% of the votes.

He said that people in the rural areas still yearn for Mugabe and want to know what became of him. Zhuwao said Mnangagwa’s Government is not legitimate and that he will not congratulate him for “robbing” the people of Zimbabwe. He said Mnangagwa has never won an election and said that he will not work with Team Lacoste and said those that are working with Mnangagwa are only selfish and are only concerned with their upkeep. Zhuwao said the time of reckoning will come for Mnangagwa and his cronies. He said Grace Mugabe was only retaliating when she attacked Mnangagwa.

Listen To The Interview Here

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16 comments on “Mugabe Is Being Grossly Mistreated By Mnangagwa Says Nephew Patrick Zhuwao

  1. Over dog, now underdog. How life changes overnight. Mugabe mistreatedvthe whole nation for 3,7 decades, what’s amusing about Mnangagwa mistreating one munhu if that was true nhasi zhuwawa, what’s your name kkk

  2. Its amazing how selfish one can be when you talk of mistreatment. A whole nation suffered and all you can talk about is this! Garako shamwari, no one will miss you.

  3. Shame my friend you were once upon a time powerful now that’s a thing of the past you are now just an ordinary person accept it and move on hopefully you to will be held accountable for all your illegal dealings whilst in office your farm needs to be given to someone that deserves it as you and your sekuru have made the nation suffer for way to long

  4. Zhuwao hauna kutimbokwana. Pawaiwomberera mbuya vako Gire vachiyanika ED pachena sekuru Bob vachisekerera yanga iri good treatment? Feel it my friend. Kurudzi kwenyu vanoti chawana munzawako chapita mawa chiri kwaiwe! Your turn my friend.

  5. Neither Zhuwawa nor Robert Matibili are Zimbabwean. They must be deported to Maputo and Lilongwe respectively with immediate my fact.Zimbabweans are happy that you are missing their country but we say good riddance, you were excess to requirements. You so miss our beautiful land that you feel like imprisonment whatever corner you are barking the hogwash from.

  6. Zhwau we dont need you or your opinion either.what do you know about pple of Zimbabwe?uri mwana wehure enda kure plus gara wakahwanda bcoz uri mwana wezvinyadzi

  7. zhuwawu is refereing to which Zimbabweans. We as Zimbabweans are not morning the going of his Uncle. Who on earth need to be ruled bt a 92+ year old grandfather. Zhuwawu stop this nonsense.You deserve to rot in jail !!!

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