“We Know Gukurahundi Perpetrators, They Must Apologise”

The Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army Veterans’ Association (Zipra VA) has said that it knows the perpetrators of the Gukurahundi massacres and they must apologise for the country to move forward.

This was said by Zipra VA chairperson Benny Ncube on the sidelines of the Gukurahundi commemorations held at Stanley Hall in Makokoba high-density suburb. Said Ncube:

We know the perpetrators, these people must come and apologise for the country to move forward as we want to leave a legacy to our children before we die since the majority of them do not know this Gukurahundi issue, or what people went through to prevent a repeat of our country’s past horrors. They [perpetrators] took advantage of the situation at the time to commit crimes against unity as they knew that all our weapons had been taken by government, leaving us defenceless. We believe true unity is yet to be experienced by Zimbabweans. The Unity Accord between PF-Zapu and Zanu which gave birth to Zanu PF has no meaning to us. It was never about unity, but the swallowing of PF-Zapu

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3 comments on ““We Know Gukurahundi Perpetrators, They Must Apologise”

  1. I am wondering why people are coming up with this issue now where we’re you all this time why now. Mugabe was the mastermind of everything that happens. If you are a worker and your boss does something are you accountable

  2. Hey! Let us not forget Mugabe had Mnangagwa beside him and Mnangagwa had Perrance Shiri beside him when these atrocities were committed.
    Do not even attempt to normalise or minimise the trauma and devastation that was deliberately visited upon these people not by terrorists not by whites but by Shona against dear armed people who were genetically related to the only potential opposition at the time.
    This was planned, genocidal, racial and deliberately carried out murder.
    Unfortunately for Zimbabwe 66% of that ruthless murderous team now command power in Zimbabwe.
    You have elections coming and if you want liberty people will have to die in order to achieve that this is the history of these so called liberators of the Rhodesian people. Mnangagwa will not change. Therefore Zimbabwe if you want change you must wake up, stand up, speak up and not shut up until you have made your point and the international community come to honestly and honourably to you support. Trust no one Britain, China, Russia even North Korea have played a part in the enslaving of the Zimbabwean people
    What the war veterans call a war of liberation was truly only ended by negotiations that enslaved you to Mugabe and Mnangagwa and Shiri and the like.
    The ensuing poverty death and despair was predicted prophesied and fulfilled.
    More of Zimbabwe’s people have died and suffered loss in the 37 years of liberation than in the so called freedom wars and certainly in the 90 plus years of Rhodesian history life was a continuing circle of improving health education and opportunity with genuine representation through the tribal cheifs in the senate this would have prepared tribal people for leadership in a democratised nation and would have seen a move to majority rule by consensus. The wrealth, education, health and opportunity is what this trip stole from the man on the street. And whose children received the healthcare education and opportunity that belonged to your children. THEIR childten!
    Zimbabwe do not be fooled again.

  3. Hey Mugabe had Mnangagwa right beside him and Mnangagwa has Pretence Shiri right beside him.
    Do not minimise the trauma and devastation this criminal behaviour caused. This was deliberately genocidal racist murder for which these people and many others have suffered ignored and demeaned.
    This was not committed by whites rather it was tribal violence used as a political intimidation and payback from the very people who had conned everyone to get control of this beautiful nation and along the way they stole the health care, education and opportunity that belonged to Zimbabwe’s children but did their children suffer deprivation fear malnutrition loss of healthcare, education and opportunity. That would be a big FAT NO.
    When Mugabe gets a golden handshake whatever it is convert it to the number of immunisations, school years and opportunities and know this ZanuPF is still stealing from your children
    Talk is cheap
    What to do decide that you are going to wake up stand up speak up and not shut up till the world hears you and comes to your sid

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