Mnangagwa In Negotiations With Tsvangirai Over Inclusive Cabinet

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to be negotiating with the country’s biggest opposition party, the MDC-T, over the formation of an inclusive cabinet. Mnangagwa is reported to be very keen on including senior officials from the opposition in his cabinet as he seeks to turn around the country’s fortunes. Mnangagwa, who was inaugurated on Friday is yet to announce his Cabinet. The president has only named two acting ministers in his cabinet, Acting Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, amid indications that he is yet to conclude negotiations with MDC-T Leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

However, according to MDC legislator for Zengeza Simon Chidhakwa, Tsvangirai is conflicted about the idea of an inclusive cabinet as some of the senior members of his party are dead set against the idea, fearing that it could weaken their party, while others are for it.

Chidhakwa told the Daily News:

Tere were mixed feelings over the matter because some believe that it is not wise for us to involve ourselves because we risk losing value before elections. Others, however, think we can come in as long as we are guaranteed that far-reaching reforms around issues to do with elections and the people’s liberties, including civil and political are guaranteed.

In view of the mixed feelings expressed, the president said it was imperative that we prepare for elections hence he emphasised the need to escalate our voter registration drive

Tsvangirai is expected to table the matter before his party’s national executive.  Speaking at Mnangagwa’s inauguration last week Tsvangirai confirmed that he was willing to talk to Zanu-PF although he highlighted the issue of inadequate time saying:

It was good for us to form a unity government but taking into consideration the time which is left before elections, it doesn’t make sense. He (Mnangagwa) must complete (the) few months which are left. It was good for us to work together and take our country forward but for now, it can be problematic because it will create division by picking certain people to be included in his government

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7 comments on “Mnangagwa In Negotiations With Tsvangirai Over Inclusive Cabinet

  1. Let’s put the nation first and not dwell on power…..I think its a good idea. The president knows the strengths of the opposition and y not I it moves the country forward. As Zimbabweans I think we’ve suffered enough at the hands o Mugabe.

  2. Some people forget things so quickly including those in the MDC alliance.The ZANU PF government has been driving us downhill since 1990. I remember the introduction of ESAP phase 1 and 2 from 1990 up to 2000 , which is the period when when a company employing 10 people was required by low to retrench 9 out of those 10 and with very unfair compensation like some 5 pairs of shoes as your full package after 10yr service to the company and many other examples that that proves how incompetent this GVT has been over the years.
    So in joining them the MDC will be digging their own grave
    Just let them go, they had their chance and they used it all in screwing us over and over again.
    They even claim to have given people land which is an idea wich was of the front page of the MDC agenda on its formation in 1999.
    And allowing people to just go into the farms and grab everything was just vote buying gimmick.
    So people please don’t forget
    Some of us remembers

  3. Zuze???? selfish you are. Lets build the nation. Why focusing on building power. This gives MDC an opportunity to contribute torwards building the nation. I bet these few months if you guys back track surely you will never catch up because the Munangangwa train sounds solid and capable to bring a brighter future

  4. yes lets put zimbabwe first on agenda & the rest will follow plus what if Naganaga’s gvt delivers without MDC then our much beloved democratic party becomes irrelevant in the next elections

  5. To be honest. If MDC has people at heart the should think twice. Inclusive gvmnt puts the general populacy at a better position economically and socially. If they(MDC) consider their political ambition then they dont value the welfare of the general populace. Everyone contributed in the struggle for liberation to better the lives of everyone. Those who were greedy forgot the purpose of struggle. Now, the army did well to pave way the second liberation which we all achieved. Those who still want to be particular in terms of their political parties may find themselves without people behind them. We have suffered enough country men. We want a government which brings food at table, peace in the country, jobs to the youth, health services, currency which stabilises the economy of the country just to name a few. Some of us took part in the liberation struggle but never benefitted because noone knew or recognised us. We also want to enjoy our sweat country men. Political parties, yes, but some may die natural death like ZUM. Mark my words: *Rev J Maposa Chirasha 30/11/2017*

  6. Hunger for power will never be quenched. It’s clear that M.D.C. has a feeling that may be they will win the next election but this is just a prolonged and ongoing dream by a heartless Trade-Unionist who has muddled in dirty politics calling for sanctions through displaying crybaby tack-ticks.

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